Bounty  Napkins

Bounty Napkins

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Good quality napkins but not a great value. They are very strong. We stock up during a sale and keep them on hand!

Great napkins . They are think and durable and ready for any mess you may incounter. They are just the right size for meals and cleanups.

Not the cheapest napkins but they are a great product. They are a good size and they are very soft and absorbent. They also come in great patterns or in just plain white.

durability compared to other store brand products is unmistakable. can be pricey atr some stores those.

I recently tried the Bounty napkins. They were super strong. I found that I didn't need to use as many, and I must say I use a lot! A little more pricey than they normal brand I purchase, but if you don't mind price, it's worth it.

These napkins are stronger than most other napkins. They are more durable and don't tear as easily when wet.

Bounty napkins are so convenient and absorbent. I found that I was using them in place of paper towels. It was nice to have a napkin that could hold up during a meal, not having to replace it over and over again.

Work pretty well.

They are a bit pricey but they do clean up better than any other napkin out there. I love how durable they are.

Good napkin, but if your hands are very sticky the napkin sticks and your end up with little bits of the paper all over your hands.

The first time I TRY Bounty Napkins I thought they were very useful, right know they are making them with a different quality, they are not the best.