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  • Simplyalyssaa Simplyalyssaa

    I recently bought the big bag of this and used some of my coupons from my BzzAgent campaign and got some of the normal candy bars. I have to say, they're very good and they're healthier than average candy bars. I love them, my sisters love them. I will be getting more and I will continue to tell my friends and family about them. The only downfall at the moment is on some of the candy chocolate isn't as dominate as in normal candy bars with chocolate.

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  • JettLynn By  JettLynn    

    UnReal is a new line of candy (chocolate) that has hit the shelves.They contain No artificials,No Hydrogenateds,No Corn syrups,No Preservatives,and No GMO's.It taste great with a more healthier option for candy bar lovers.


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  • Dedebaur By  Dedebaur    

    This candy has no artificials, no hydrogenateds, no corn syrup, no preservatives, and no GMO's. I dont know what some of those are but I do like the no corn syrup and no preservatives. I feel better giving this candy as a healthier option for a treat to my sons. They also taste great!


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