All  Free Clear Detergent

All Free Clear Detergent

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I cant live without this product! I use it to wash my underwear loads for me and my hubby, we both are sensitive and most detergents really can be irritating, but with All Free Clear detergent I have no sensitivity, and leaves my clothes fresh and clean. I highly recommended this for those who have sensitive bottoms.

I had to use this when my children were younger because they all had eczema so anything not free and clear would irritate their skin. This detergent works fine as far as getting stains out but I find my clothes looked raggedy. I also missed the feeling of getting into a great smelling shirt.

I have only used this detergent once and decided to switch back to a different brand. I didn't think it was as good at getting stains out..

Really great product! Great on stains too. I do the laundry of a chewing tobacco user and I've already gotten week old tobacco stains out of white t shirts. This definitely gets 2 thumbs up!

This is one of the only detergents that i can use that does not cause me to break out in a rash!

This is the only laundry product that does not break me out. If I try to use anything else other than baby detergent I break out in a rash. It also works really well on washing.

works great and makes my clothes feel great

My daughter has very sensitive skin and I use this on our laundry and have never had a problem with her breaking out like I have other similar products!

My son and I both have extremely sensitive skin where just a touch of soap, lotion, etc touches our skin we can be in a head to toe rash. All Free and Clear is the only detergent we use. I won't even let anything get washed of my son's at daycare because I am so scared of a reaction. I would recommend All Free and Clear to anyone, it has been the best product for us and the safest for our skin.

I first started using this product about a year ago and I love it. It gets my clothes very clean and it is great for my sensitive skin. Most detergents irritate my skin, but this one does not. This is a wonderful product. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good, affordable detergent for sensitive skin.

I always use this brand because it's affordable and I feel like it gets out things better than the store brands my mother used. The price point for me is the most important but if I have stains I still have to use extra stain release.

I switched to this product after my son was born. Instead of buying two detergents I would wash my clothes in it as well. After a few months I started noticing that my clothes did not look clean but dingy. My son and I both have sensitive skin and I noticed that we both had small rashes. When I switched back to Arm and Hammer the rashes disappeared and our clothes did not look dingy. A friend of mine had the same experience as I did.

Not a fan of any ALL detergent. Not good at getting stains out

This product is suppose to be for sensitive skin all free and clear but it still irriate my skin. A waste of money!

this product is the only one that seems to be everywhere i shop and always available. when i use it, i have no feeling that the product is still in my clothes waiting for a good rain to release them. i have tried other brands and have always come back to All free.