Tombstone Frozen Pizza

Tombstone Frozen Pizza

              Rated #109 in Frozen Foods
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80% Recommended
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Out of the frozen pizzas on the market, this is the one I crave the most often.

This pizza is average to me. I don't quite like the sweetness of the sauce and the crust was not quite crispy enough for my taste.

I am very picky when it comes to pizza and this pizza was not my favorite. I did not enjoy this pizza.

Wasn't my favorite frozen pizza. just ok

For the money I think Red Baron is a better option.

I've had better pizza. It doesn't have a great tasting crust, it is lacking some flavor. The cheese tastes good though.

I like this product and feel it is a great value for the price. On the plus side they have a bigger variety than other brands.

It's ok but not the best

This is not my favorite pizza. Something in the sauce tastes sweet, & that's not a good thing.

this pizza is ok but its not the best pizza

I find that it is a bit on the sweet tasting side and when it comes to my pizza I don't want sweetness. I had one where the pepperoni's tasted to meaty for lack of a better word also.

Not a bad tasting pizza for what I call "cardboard pizzas." It's good for something quick if I don't have time to make pizza.

I'm very picky with frozen pizza. This is a decent one. I get it when it's on sale but it isn't my first choice.

My children (who eat ANYTHING).... wouldn't even take a 2nd bite of this pizza. I didn't care for it myself, either.

i like it easy. fast, taste good