Fage Greek Yogurt

Fage Greek Yogurt

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Fage is the best greek yogurts on the market! Aside form home made greek yogurt this is the best htere is. A little less trart than traditional greek yogurt to please general US public but still great. I use it as a starter for my home made yogurt and when there's no time to make some Fage it is!

A great yogurt! Actually my favorite :) smooth, fresh and great tasting. I use the plain as a substitute for sour cream and pretty much have one every weekday morning.

Absolutely LOVE Fage yogurts! I like the split cup concept, because it allows me to control how much flavor I'm adding to my yogurt. I also like the creamy/smooth consistency of this yogurt. As a Chobani fan, I find those two brands to be completely different but both delicious. Can't wait for Fage to come out with more tropical flavors!

I have tried the Fage split cups in peach and strawberry flavors. I like the sauces which you add to the yogurt. The yogurt itself is a little bit tart. But it does taste good when you mix the two together. It's a good size for a snack.

It goes well with fruits but by itself I do not like.

Great tasting yogurt. Creamy and satisfying. I prefer greek due to the increased protein count. I love trying all the flavors.

I love Greek yogurt, so when my husband received a free offer to try Fage's Split Cup Greek yogurt in return for his honest opinion I was super excited because he was also getting enough to give out as samples!! He went and picked out several flavors and when he returned the first one I grabbed was the Mango Gauvabana, it was so creamy and the fruit was so amazing! The fruit was so sweet and fresh and I just continued to eat it until I noticed there was nothing left! Of course I had to go back for another but he only got two of the Mango Gauvabana and I wanted him to try it too so my next victim became the strawberry one. The strawberry one was just as amazing! Fage Greek Yogurt so amazingly smooth and creamy and both of the fruit flavors I had tried were so fresh and delicious! If I had to say one complaint it would be that I only wanted more! More fruit, more creamy deliciousness, just more of it all! If your a yogurt lover like myself don't hesitate anymore, do yourself a favor and get yourself to the store to try Fage's Split Cup Greek Yogurt now!

Super! Best option for lunch == nuts, honey & fruit makes it taste like dessert. One of the best commercial Greeks available.

great product

I recently bought three of these products, via a coupons received from, and let me say, wow! This yogurt is creamy, and tastes amazing! I am thinking of buying the plain variety, so that I am able to cook Tajine Chicken with it as well! Great stuff!

This has become my favorite yogurt. It's great plain or with fruit but what I really love is the texture and the ability to incorporate it into everyday recipes. it's great for dips and as a substitute for sour cream.

I have come to love the Fage yogurt. It's great to use when making smoothies and I use it with my tacos. I use this instead of sour cream and it taste great.

Fage Greek Yogurt is one of the best on the market. If you're just trying Greek Yogurt for the first time, get your hands on the strawberry or blueberry flavors - they are the best. I wouldn't try Fage plain unless you're a true Greek Yogurt fan. It is delicious and creamy but also overwhelmingly potent for standard yogurt eaters.

I use in smoothies, plain and fruit. It's one of my preferred greek yogurt brands overall.