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  • Sasha1003 By  Sasha1003    

    It works pretty well and smells good.

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  • sferreira By  sferreira    

    it always leaves stains on my clothes:(

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  • rocknrollprincess22 By  rocknrollprincess22    

    Stays on all day smells great and does what it says so worth the money

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  • sallyrais By  sallyrais    

    amazing scent and really easy to apply

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  • ambermcmyne2013 By  ambermcmyne2013    

    love the coverage and protection secret delivers, and i love the scent!!!!

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  • brantleysmom523 By  brantleysmom523    

    I love this product! It stays on all day and smells great! IT definitely leaves you feeling "fresh". This is a must-have for me!

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  • jessica562 By  jessica562    

    My fave! Always use it everyday and im the kind of person that doesnt really sweat but love the scent to it no need for perfume!

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  • hagangilliswidmayer By  hagangilliswidmayer    

    I just love this! Not only is it lasting but now I can skip perfume! I stay so dry!

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  • Caseyd78 By  Caseyd78    

    I love the smell of this. It works great

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  • heatherkj By  heatherkj    

    It smells great and works really well.

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  • Md-2013 By  Md-2013    

    Love the brand. I use it for years, can live without it. The scent is soft and last all day.

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  • janiea By  janiea    

    I don't know about this one, but I love the Berry one, I have the spray and deodorant.

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  • linda2b By  linda2b    

    I have use Secret all my life. It is the only brand that works and I have tried them all. It is worth every cent you pay for it. I have even recommended it to Men!!!

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  • FANOOK30 By  FANOOK30    

    great product. smells good and it works well

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  • leighf84 By  leighf84    

    I love this product and it is super affordable and works great!

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