Secret Scent Expressions Cocoa Butter Kiss Body Splash

Secret Scent Expressions Cocoa Butter Kiss Body Splash

              Rated #8 in Deodorant
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94% Recommended
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I like the smell.

Smells like summer! I love it!

The scent is light and fresh. I normally wouldn't use body spray, but I might wear this.

love the scent , cocoa butter is refreshing

I love this scent! It's a lighter scent so it's not too strong but it smells great! Perfect for the summer. My mom loves it too!

I really like the light spray, it is really good for a summer scent and I felt like the body spray had staying power. It is absolutely a daytime scent so to me, not lasting into the evening worked out well. I will definitely look to see what other scents are available, I like the pairing of the deodorant and the body spray and will purchase other scents.

Very pleased with the scent, perfume smells tend to give me a headache but this did not. Will definately be purchasing!!

This is a great scent. I apply it in the morning and it still has a fresh scent in the afternoon. I will be purchasing this again.

I love this scent!!! It smells great and it lasts for hours!!

Love the smell and it stays with me all day without being over powering when I put it on. Perfect for summers days.

This is the perfect light summer fragrance-- I see people are complaining that the scent fades quickly, but I think it lasts just the right amount of time. In fact, I wouldn't like a heavy, long-lasting scent in the hot summertime. It's a brilliant concept that this body splash can be "layered" with the matching deodorant so the scents don't clash. 5 stars for Secret!

I would not have bought this in a store - the packaging is too loud for my taste and I expected the scent to be stronger and not my style. However - I tried it and was very pleasantly surprised. My daughter LOVES the scent and I am happy to share it with her. She always wants to put on my perfume in the morning and this is far more age appropriate for her.

Nice fresh scent.Can't smell the cocoa butter but still like it.And i wish the scent last longer.

A light, refreshing scent for summer-not too heavy or floral. Not too heavy on the cocoa butter scent either, but nice for hot days.

I probably would not have purchased this in the store at first glance just because secret is not something I associate with body splash but WOW this is a great scent that was very long lasting. I would definately purchase this again.