CW Supernatural

CW Supernatural

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good actors stupid story

My favorite show. The beginning years, each episode could almost stand alone. The past few seasons it has been a continuing storyline. Glad they are getting back to hunting the things that go bump in the night. All main characters are likeable with interactions that are true to the scenario. Awesome music.

This is a show as usual founded on Netflix last year sometime. I marathoned all 7 seasons and then watched the 8th live when it aired and same with season 9. It starts off very dark in the first and even part of season two. It gets less gritty as it goes on as peoples ideas on violence and horror it seems they lighten those themes for viewers of young age. I personally love Sam and Dean's bond. For me this show wasn't something i'd go for usually mainly because I love a good romance but this show centers around anything but and its welcoming and bold and just right. So excited for season 10. Proud owner of all the seasons on dvd ,supernatural shirt and pins. yes and yes.

I LOVE THIS SHOW! Just had to get that out.

This is absolutely my favorite show! I watch it on Netflix so frequently! I can proudly say I am hooked. The acting is great, and might I add they can be very attractive. If you're looking for a new show, this is perfect!

One of my favorite shows of all time! My boyfriend loves it too.

Supernatural is pretty interesting and i like the theme but its one of those shows u can miss a whole season and pick it back up and not miss much.

I'm admittedly late to the Supernatural party. I started watching it this year. Once I started, however, I couldn't stop. The season premiere is tonight and I can't wait to watch now!

Have been watching this for years. I even watch the reruns in the mornings.

Love love love this show! And it helps a lot that the brother are the two sexiest men alive! Just saying

I just watched all seven seasons on Netflix, it took me two weeks but wow I love this show. I'm hooked. Sam and Dean are so yummy and the show is clever, witty and love the story lines.

I love this show, I think it adds alot of excitement, and drama, and is over all a great show, cant wait till the next season hits netflix's!

I love this show. It is full of suspense and mystery. I love Sam and Dean. If you liked X files you will love this show.

such a good show..i love how it keeps you in suspense and can get creepy and the hot guys too lol

I can't help it, I must watch this every time I see it on! Such a good show, I love the action.