Dawn Power Clean

Dawn Power Clean

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Always does an awesome job and makes my life so much easier!

Decent for dishwashing, gets the job done, but I don't see much difference between this and a knock off brand.

Great! Always my go to dish washing liquid. I won't use any other brand.

The only brand of dishwashing soap I will buy.

I love dawn dish soap. I have tried all different brands from more expensive to the cheapest I could find. They cant compare to dawn. I also love to use it for stains on the carpet, laundry and furniture. Its very versatile!

Good for quick cleaning!

The price is to high for what it gives you and other dish soaps work better to take off all the grease on the pans for a cheaper price and bigger bottle

I love this dish soap because "just a little goes a long ways". It cuts grease easily and you will not have to scrub a dish like you would with other brands.

I love the fact I don't have to scrub the crap out of a crusty pan

I'm a SAHM and washing dishes come with the territory and using Dawn after the kids are gone for school makes washing the dishes that much quicker and easier. Love that it cuts the grease and gets the job done.

great for its price. but takes too much to wash a sink full of dishes not even mentioning the pans..not a strong soap

I've tried to use off brands of dish soap and always go back to Dawn. It really does work the best in my opinion. Cuts through grease and leaves dishes clean!!! I don't mind paying a dollar or so for a good working dish soap!

I've used Dawn dish soap since it's beginning and not because it is named after me. It is the best dish soap ever. The Power Clean Dawn is amazing because I don't have to soak anything. It gets all grime off dishes quickly.

Dawn is the only brand of dish soap we buy, Dawn Power Clean is fantastic for those baking pans youve been putting off and those pots and pans that always seem to have left over peices glued to them, let them soak for just a couple minutes and the stuff will just start falling off. Amazing stuff

I love dawn. I use this to clean everything. i don't know what is in Dawn but it gets grease stains, oil stains and dirt off anything.