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Fast and easy. I love how fast and convenient these are to use. Just fling them into your washer and go. No need to measure and pour (and possibly make a mess as I have previously!). They work great and have a super clean and fresh smell to them.

Love this product I love tide pods. Easy to pop on in the washer has everything I need. Leaves my clothing smelling good and soft.

Love the smell, it's so clean and fresh. I like that there is no mess to it and it's so simple. The simplicity of just tossing in a Tide Pod and not having to worry about measuring makes it awesome!

So clean My close smell so good when I use this and they are so clean. I would recommend this for everybody to try more worth it than buying the cheaper stuff

Amazing! I love tide tods their scents are delicate. I would buy these everyday if I had to.

Excellent excellent for washing clothes without having to worry about the right amount and that does it all and leave your clothes clean and good fragrance that lasts.

Love them Love them, so convenient, and my teens don't use to much soap. I just wish they had a better smell so I don't have to use a 2nd scent booster

Works Wonders Love Tide Pods! Very simple to use. Takes a lot less than all the liquid from some other brands. Makes cloths smell really good. Takes the stains out that I would normally have to spot treat. Worth the price, since it doesn't take as much to do a load as with other products.

Love the portability! The convenience that comes out of this product is unbelievable. I no longer have to lug my liquid detergent to the laundromat. Brilliant. Love this product to death. So portable!

I love tide pods. They are easy to store and use for each load. I feel like im using just the right amount of detergent. If I have a larger load, I'll use two.

I love tide pods! They make doing laundry a breeze and mess free

Tide Pods I absolutely love love Tide Pods! They really get my clothes clean and smell so so good!

I LOVE THESE! They make laundry a breeze! throw one in and wash! sometimes I add extra fabric softener when washing sheets or blankets, and they always come out SUPER soft with a very light fragrance. I have super sensitive skin and have never broken out:)

Quick Solution to Laundry Soap My love for Tide Pods is a little outrageous! I stumbled upon these fabulous laundry helpers when doing the laundry at my dad's house, and ever since I have used them myself! They make doing laundry less of a hassle, which no one can complain about! I love them, and I bet you will too!

I really like the liquid tide better than the pods I don't feel as though they work as well getting things clean so when your using 2 or more in a load it doesn't save you $$$. They are a time saver so I gave them the 3 star for convenience not cleaning.