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  • potomac0610 By  potomac0610    

    This is a great app. It has taught me a great deal about my eating habits and exactly what the food I am putting in my body is made of. I used this to help lose weight during my office biggest loser and it was extremely helpful. Now I am 6 months pregnant and I have still been using it to keep track of how much protein and other nutrients I am consuming to make sure the baby is getting what she needs.

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  • Smltwngrl920 By  Smltwngrl920    

    I like being able to track my meals throughout the day. I use this app for my android everyday and now there is a bar scan option so it's even quicker.

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  • Lilone152 By  Lilone152    

    I really like this website and app! It is easy and intuitive to use, contains an enormous amount of information, and makes tracking diet and exercise simple. The food database is nearly perfect, and the ability to scan barcodes with a smartphone and the app is convenient. Myfitnesspal is a real winner!!

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  • Chiajanine By  Chiajanine    

    great website! motivating, helps you feel like part of a group and that you have supporters! awesome! helps lose weight, by telling you calorie intake, and what is remaining. great tool!

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  • Kaynaebae By  Kaynaebae    

    I've heard this was a good product and would love to try it

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  • leeanneowens By  leeanneowens    

    I have lost 54 pounds using My Fitness Pal. The weight came off at a steady healthy pace. One of my favorite features is that I can add my own recipes. The site is user friendly and easy to navigate. I would not hesitate to reccomend MFP to anyone.

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  • erikameister By  erikameister    

    I would give this a 10 out of 5. myfitnesspal is FREE, it has all the tools you need to get you to the next level. entry is easy both on the computer and on the phone. as a fitness professional and health club manager I strongly recommend this to everyone

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  • SunCandy By  SunCandy    

    Helps me keep track of my caloric intake. I'm trying to eat healthier and this makes what I always considered boring a little easier. Definitely worth a try. Not as great as the MyPlate program they had on the site, but definitely gets the job done.

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  • thesmiley8d By  thesmiley8d    

    Keeps track of my daily intake and exercise. Helpful app but if you eat something homemade must enter everything for it. Very great tracker for losing or maintaining weight!!

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  • mimisweet123 By  mimisweet123    

    I slack sobbyy

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  • nicholeh1980 By  nicholeh1980    

    I like how it tells you at the end of the day what you will weigh in 6 weeks. I do not like having to enter in each ingredient if I make a homemade meal rather than a prepackaged meal.

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  • jjvag1313 By  jjvag1313    

    I have only been using the site for a week and already down six ponds. So easy to use and convenient on my blackberry and iPad.

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  • mintmom By  mintmom    

    Great site with a wonderful app that enhances it even more. Logging my food and exercise is easy to do and I love the weight tracking chart. I can interact with my friends so we can give each other support and encouragement. Another great feature is it's free and it's not just for people who are watching their weight I have friends that use it to track sodium intake, cholesterol, sugar whatever you need.

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  • TMichelle73 By  TMichelle73    

    I love myfitnesspal as it has been the reason why I have dropped almost 100 lbs. within 12 months time. myfitnesspal makes it easy to track calories, water intake and weight. I have never had any issues with finding the foods I eat when tracking my calories like I have with other programs. It's a fabulous weight loss tool and it's free which is awesome. I also love the community of others just like me for support and I have even participated in some of the weight loss challenges which is very motivating. What I also like is the android app for myfitnesspal is wonderful and when I am on the go I can still keep track of my calories and water intake. Just love it!!!!

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  • secokely By  secokely    

    Possibly one of the best tools to use when you are trying to loose weight. I love the support provided by other users as well as the ability to use the vast amount of food in the database as well as exercises to track your net calories for the day.

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