Dryel 30min In-Dryer Cleaner

Dryel 30min In-Dryer Cleaner

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I believe this product was a great idea but it's not for me. I wasn't very impressed with the results. The clothes smelled fresh and clean but the clothes were really wrinkly so I had to iron the pants and dress which took extra time to do.

First of all thanks for allowing me the opportunity to give this product a try. It's something that I've always wanted to try out, but was afraid to. I think the timing of getting this product to sample was just perfect. My husband was leaving for a last minute business rip and I had just gotten the sample in the mail the day before. He had a spot on his jacket and we didn't have time to have it dry cleaned. We decided to give the Dryel kit a try!! We were very impressed, it got the spot right out. I think my husband was the most impressed, he honestly didn't believe that it would work in 30mins!! The only issue we had was with the smell, he described it as smelling like bug spray. He just let the jacket air dry and that seemed to help some. We still would buy the Dryel kit again, not only are you saving time, but money as well. I just wish they could improve on the smell.

I think the idea was amazing but it didn't work for me...I was exiting about saving money in dry cleaners, saving time to go drop and pick clothes. After the "cleaning" finished, the clothes smell like plastic....maybe I should've open the kit and let it air....Also the clothes came up exactly the same as before. I had a dress with a stain and after all, the stain was there. I sent it to the dry cleaners the following day and it came up perfect, no stain... I won't recommend it...it didn't work...

I definitely enjoyed having the opportunity to try this product. I was impressed that it definitely helped to clean my garments and that I didn't have to take the extra trip to the dry cleaners. The only thing that I disliked about the product is the smell afterwards. I ended up having to air out my dress outside because the smell was not very nice. Way too chemically for me. However, that would not deter me in the future from buying the product to have on hand to clean the clothes that are dry clean only. The garment I cleaned was a black dress that at the bottom had about 10 rows all the way around of small circular thin disks for decoration. It was gentle on the fabric as far as I could tell, and my dress was not damaged in any way. And since it was a black garment, I could see that it did not stain or damage my dress in any way. I was skeptical at first when I sprayed with the solution, but it turned out just fine. I have passed on the info to a few of my friends, so that they knew they had an option to dry cleaning. I will definitely have this on hand for future dry cleaning needs!

I rarely buy dry clean only clothes. The cost of professional dry cleaning isn't worth it for me. For the few items I have, I wear them a few times before taking them to the cleaners. I hate not having clean and fresh items so I was happy to try out Dryel. I decided to clean a dress and a blazer with the Dryel kit. It worked great. Both items came out smelling fresh and looking clean. I'd recommend this to anyone.

Although we do not dry clean a great deal in our home at the current time, we always have a few things that sit around for too long waiting for me to go to the dry cleaners. This time, it was my 4 year-old's beautiful Easter dress. I was so happy to have the Dryel kit on hand. I was terribly impressed with the job Dryel did on this dress. There was a small spot where she had spilled her drink on the dress and I followed the instructions for spot removal and threw the bag in the dryer. 30 minutes later, I had a beautiful smelling, spot free, wrinkle free dress! I will definitely recommend this to a friend and purchase it again. Being a stay at home mom of 4, I love the ease of picking this up with groceries and not having to make extra trips. Thank you Dryel!!

Hi! So I am FINALLY posting my review for Dryel. I was very very excited to try this product out.We dry clean a lot of our clothes here in our family,and I had been eyeing the Dryel on the store counters for a while.Imagine my surprise when I was one chosen as one of the lucky few to test it for free! :-) Once I received the Dryel kit,and carefully read and the re-read the directions.I didn't want to get anything wrong and end up with damaged or stained clothing,you know?The steps are very easy to follow ..easy as 1,2,3 !I dry cleaned one of my favorite "Little Black Dresses",and the results were terrific! Nice and clean,with a clean smell;took no time at all to clean,and I was ready to slip into my dress and wear it that day just because it looked so nice,lol! I was reading the other posts here about the product and came across once post that suggested using Dryel for seat cushions.So,I went out the store and bought cleaning cloth refillsand a bigger bottle of spray and used Dryel to clean my sofa cushions.I made a video of the entire process ,which I will share after editing.Dryel worked wonders on my sofa cushions.I am planning on finding other items at home to clean and keep fresh now,lol.Thank you!

While I think that being able to "dry clean" your laundry at home is a great idea, i really don't think it's for me. I only have one or two sweaters that I would ever want to dry clean, and using one entire cleaning cloth for one item just doesn't seem worth it to me. Because I felt this way, I decided to try to spray the stain lifter on the direct stains then throw the sweatshirt in the bag and the in the dryer without using the dry cleaner cloth. I was hopeful that this might work a little bit, but it didn't. I think it would be a great idea if Dryel would come out with something like this so you don't have to use an expensive cloth on one item. In the future, I might buy this once a year for crucial items, but I'd buy it more often if I could use a stain spray on a small area on my clothes and have it be as effective as the cloth.

I had a couple of black trousers that I was waiting to take to the cleaners. Didn't need to dry clean necessarily but these fit perfectly and i didn't want the color to fade. Dryel cleaning was great! Smelled great and looked like new. Great alternative for those delicate items that I just don't want to spend money to dry clean yet want to preserve well. Thanks for the kit- will be buying myself soon!

What a great way to save money on dry cleaning! The last time my husband took his clothes to the dry cleaners, we were out almost $30 for 3 shirts and a sweater! I wish I had known what a great job the DRYEL kit would do for us with our clothes! I tried it with some work pants that I typically have dry cleaned. They smelled great, felt fresh, they were clean and I will definitely use this product again! It saves time and money!!

I really enjoyed being part of the Dryel program..this product is fantastic I used it to clean one of my husbands suits. We were both pleasantly pleased with the results . It came clean and smelled clean. I have already purchased another kit because we loved it so much.... I used the second kit to do a little experiment...I purchased to pairs if jeans, I wanted to see how dryel worked on keeping the color and not fading....I put one pair in the laundry and one pair in the dryer using dryel ..I was hoping to take a video of this experiment but technology and I have no luck...anyway I noticed a huge difference in color between the two.. Dryer jeans were exactly the same color and size. The jeans that I washed and dried the usual way not only faded in color but shrunk about 1/4 of an inch.

Easy to use and a great way to preserve the life of dry-clean clothes without spending so much time and money at the dry cleaners!!

I used it and it seemed to work quite well. I can't say that I have a similar experience to the dry cleaners, but then again, I'm a mommy of almost 4 and don't exactly own clothes that need to be dry cleaned often. It is a good product though and would definitely use it if I were in a jam with a special garment.

I had a few delicate items that i would normally dry clean and I tried the dryel kit instead. One was a sweater and the other one was a tank top that was very fragile. Neither had spots but had been worn a few times so they didn't smell the best. The dryel kit was easy to use and they both came out smelling great. i would definately use it again.

When I was asked to test Dryel I experienced a strong blat from the past. When I was just starting out in my career, I was required to dress for success. being this was my first big girl job, I had very little income to support my rent and bills, never mind dry cleaning. I discovered a new product called Dryel and was hooked. It was the perfect answer to my serious problem and it worked so well! As my career evolved and the suits went by the wayside, I lost track of my Dryel... until now. I received the sample at a perfect time. Laundry day. Instead of toting my husbands suits tot he cleaners, I broke out the Dryel. It is now even better than I remember. Easier to use and it leaves the clothes so fresh and clean! I have been reunited and plan to stay in touch...on a weekly basis ;)