Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham

Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham

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A classic - What's not to like? I would like it with a fox, I would like it in a box.

I remember reading it when I was a little girl, it was my favorite Dr. Seuss book! And my son loves me it when I read it to him too!

I had this book read to me as a child.. I read this to my daughter as a child, and now I'm reading it too my Grandchildren. We are big Dr. Suess fans in our households.

Love Green Eggs and Ham one of my first books to read when I was a kid :-)

It was my favorite book when I was little and now my daughter loves it. Such a fun easy read!

this is my favorite book of all tmes I read it to my kids. and my oldest son loves it too.

Great classic. I haven't meet a kid who didnt enjoy it.

How can you not love Green Eggs and Ham, Sam-I-am???

Great book to read to your kids

Red this groing up! Now read it to my kids!!!!

I cannot think of a Dr Suess book that I didn't like. Green Eggs and Ham is one of my favorite Suess books. It reads easy, the words just seem to flow smoothly. I read it to my children and now my grandchildren. I have often thought about adding food color to my eggs to make them green just to see if the kids would eat them. It is a fun, and enjoyable book.

This is a classic that every child should have!

one of my daughters fav dr.suess books. she knows this whole story almost by heart an will now read it to me! love it!

I just purchased this book for my four month old about two weeks ago. My husband really enjoyed reading it to him and my son enjoyed the pictures (along with the daddy and me time) Great book! I read it a lot when I was a child.

I love this book, it is one of my favorite book from Dr seus, i read it to my baby and he loves it. Whenever i can get my hand on Dr seus' books, I'll like to buy them for my baby and for me