Dr. Seuss Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Dr. Seuss Oh, The Places You'll Go!

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Read this as a kid! A classic! I love this book and read it to my son almost every night! Keeping the tradition going.

I love this book and have given it as a Graduation Gift a few times, including to my daughter. The message is perfect for both young and old. Dr. Seuss never disappoints!

Perfect graduation gift. People think I'm strange but is one of the best gifts for a high school graduate. It just seems to describe how parents feel and what we believe for our kids as the graduate and move on to another part of their life.

Always Relevent This book ignited my passion for travel as a child! I now travel as much as possible but with Covid-19 we have to travel virtually!

I love this book. It's a classic and makes a great graduation book!

Highly recommend This was definitely one of my favorite books growing up. I use to read it all the time!

one of my all time favorites I love to read this book to my twin boys because it reveals so many real life truths. I feel lit prepares them for the ups and the downs and road of life that they are on and will be navigating as they grow.

Dr suess never fails Ive never read a dr suess book i or my 4 children havent enjoyed.

I love this book. I use to read this book all the time when I was little. Now I read it to my children. Hoping I can read it to my grandchildren and great grandchildren and so on and so forth.

This book is a classic! How could anyone possibly give it a bad review! My son loves the story and the pictures and I love the moments spent reading it with him.

My favorite book. Great for any age. Great highschool graduation gift also. Everyone should read this book.

Perfect book It has a good amount of words. But not to many to get the kids bored. They love all of the different colors that are in side of the book and how detailed the drawings were.

This book belongs in every home library. It's a wonderful treasure and gift that will delight every generation for years to come.

Everyone Needs To Read Dr. Seuss This clever book is ideal for children of any age! I gift this to high school and college graduates too!

great gift for college grads such a great book. really good for college graduates