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  • Zarinna By  Zarinna    

    Of course these are delicious, I'm glad I don't leave near their store, so it's once in a while lol

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  • sheann By  sheann    

    The only donut I like is the glaze one but when is warm, when is cold I don't like it. My husband love all the donuts from here...

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  • Perfecttester101 By  Perfecttester101    

    These donuts are irresistible! They have an excellent taste with the perfect amount of glaze. They taste fresh with every single bite. One of the best brands of donuts I have ever had.

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  • amandaplzzz By  amandaplzzz    

    Delicious! These donuts are glazed to perfection and while they are sticky and messy, it is totally worth it. They melt in your mouth and are a great splurge when you need some sugar!

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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    Me and my boyfriend like this brand of doughnuts!! Sometimes the stale grease taste turns me off but you have to admit they can be really tasty!! The kreme filled are the best!

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    donuts are fresh and soft, but too sweet. The custard filled, chocolate covered is the only one I can eat the whole thing.

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  • lbjones89 By  lbjones89    

    messy and dry out fast but they taste really good

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  • nancystebbins By  nancystebbins    

    I love them by far my favorite glazed donut.

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  • MandaGailConnell By  MandaGailConnell    

    While Krispey Kreme donuts are always delicious, they are not my favorite by far. They are great if you're looking for a sweet pastry... but they don't have the 'classic' doughnut taste at all. If you want a really good doughtnut, try Dippin' Donuts or Donut Bank

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  • Vjujubee By  Vjujubee    

    I wish I could give them 5 stars but they are not my favorite. My kids love to go to Krispy Kremes and watch them make them. They are great for kids to see how the donuts are made and eat them right away. The kids also love the hats they give them.

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  • MissHoney By  MissHoney    

    These will always and forever be the world's best doughnuts. They're light, fluffy, sugary, and taste amazing!

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    Best doughnuts ever! They are even better from the Krispy Kreme stores when the sign says "Hot Doughnuts". Melt in your mouth deliciousness! The only problem is that I could eat a dozen at a time!

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  • chasandboyd By  chasandboyd    

    Krispy Kreme donuts melt in your mouth. These are the best tasting donuts made.

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  • princess51 By  princess51    

    sugared are light and fluffy, what a nice treat

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  • kayjuang By  kayjuang    

    Love, love love these. They are my favorite donut hands down. It takes all the will-power I have to drive past that red neon sign!

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