Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

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It is such a badly written book, but the director just made amazing. I really didn't like Twilight, the actors were pretty sucky, but the quality of everything was great.

great movie and book!

This movie was pretty good. It wasn't as action packed as the other movies in the series, but it had plenty of great moments, and the ending left you on the edge of your seat and wanting to know what in the world is going to happen next!

i have to admit i loved this movie and i enjoyed the entire series...seen them all with the kids

I was really anticipating this movie and I really enjoyed it. A lot of suspensful and stayed true with the love story. I didn't want the movie to end.

I wanted to like this movie and I went into it with such high hopes from all the reviews I've seen. I mean, a billion people can't be wrong, right? Well, I don't know what happened. I thought the acting was okay, but the storyline couldn't capture my attention.

always enjoy a good vamp love story


Not as good as the First but still worth watching!!

I love all the books and the movies! I was just disappointed that they broke the last book up into two movies. I'm not obsessed with them and I won't rush to the movie theater to see them but I will buy it as soon as it comes on DVD.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Twilight!!!

I hate to say it, but I love Twilight. I was deployed when the books and the first movie came out and the craze hit. I told myself I wouldn't jump on the bandwagon but during my R&R from deployment my sister made me watch the first movie since it had just come out on DVD. I thought it was awesome and bought the books so I can read them during the remainder of my deployment. I flew through the books and couldn't wait for the movies to come out. The acting isn't the greatest, but it fits and you get used to it. It will be sad when the last part comes out. Nothing more to look forward to! I keep looking for something similar to Twilight since it was so enjoyable!

Big fan of the Twilight movies. Reading Breaking Dawn right now so I know what to look forward to in the next movie. It may not have the world's best actors but I love the movies and the story line.

Terrible acting, terrible story, terrible everything!

I really enjoyed this movie. I thought that the wedding scene was done very well. Bella looked absolutely gorgeous. My favorite scenes from the movie are when the wolves are talking to eachother. It is exciting and scary at the same time. All in all a great movie. Impatiently awaiting part 2!