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  • jessb7 By  jessb7    

    I couldn't do it. My husband tried one and it looked like beer with a lot of foam! I think he tried hard to like it and did drink the whole thing, but didn't say much. He hasn't had another one either. I think I will stay away.

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  • emimorgan By  emimorgan    

    I thought this tasted great and I love that I can get some energy and vitamin C at the same time. Yum!

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  • your1chef By  your1chef    

    Boy this product foams up! Smells and looks orangey. The taste- terrible. I had to plug my nose to get the stuff down. The aftertaste left in my mouth was not appreciated. I enjoyed the Emergen-C product way better than this one.

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  • sixfourthree By  sixfourthree    

    I am not a fan of EBOOST's flavor. They leave a strange aftertaste for me.

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  • mybigbutt By  mybigbutt    

    I thought the taste was horrible! I like that it has no sugar and fewer calories than the other brand, though. It did seem to give me the boost I needed as well. If they can improve on the taste, they'd have a great product.

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  • Audreysmom09 By  Audreysmom09    

    Great flavor for an energy booster, nice that it is in a powder form too.

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  • jklpchr By  jklpchr    

    Love that this has lower carbs than all of the other energy drinks I have seen. Makes it possible to diet low carb but enjoy an afternoon boost!

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  • socialzigi By  socialzigi    

    These orange flavored packets punch a wonderful citrus/orange flavor. EBOOST is a great, natural alternative to the sugar filled energy shots.

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