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  • Jjohnston1 By  Jjohnston1    

    Great permanent marker. Perfect for crafts and yearbook signing. However, it heavily bleeds through thin pages. :/

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  • mzdagrl23 By  mzdagrl23    

    Love the array of colors; it's great for signing your name on the back of your credit card as so many pens do not work. Great for helping you label when you need to differentiate between categories.

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  • Doodlebugsygirl By  Doodlebugsygirl    

    I love these for labeling the food Im storing, they write amazing on sandwich bags and foil,

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  • rbg0284 By  rbg0284    

    There are so many colors to choose from and you can color coordinate almost anything! They are easy to use, the scent isn't strong, and BIC is a great brand

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  • juljakakaka By  juljakakaka    

    Bic products the best!

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  • Bianca0201 By  Bianca0201    

    I love doing arts and craft projects and to pass the time, these markers flow so smoothly, and the colors are so beautiful. I carry them around in my purse all the time.

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  • angelahope By  angelahope    

    I use all the time! Great for arts and crafts or daily use.

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  • starz03 By  starz03    

    I love this markers. they are so much cheaper than sharpies and can get a great variety of colors in just one pack. Plus having the extra fine point and the fine point in the same colors to a pack for when you need both on a project. have bought these time and again.

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  • kimboslice By  kimboslice    

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee sharpies and i love very colorful things so put them both together and you get awesomeness!!!!!! :)

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  • faeriekitty By  faeriekitty    

    Bic Markers are so bold and vibrant. My kids love to do art projects with these and I like them because they come in so many colors. Very nice marker set.

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  • cutetigerlover By  cutetigerlover    

    Has all different cool colors and lasts a long time.

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  • yeldogdem By  yeldogdem    

    Love this brand, the colors and the way they write!

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  • itzy2006 By  itzy2006    

    I love any BIC product makes any project more colorfull

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  • ToshaL By  ToshaL    

    Great for colorful school projects, and for little "stand-out" reminders anywhere!

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  • MBAShoeLover By  MBAShoeLover    

    I got these free in my first Cravebox, and love them. I can use them to write thank you notes, decorate packages, or craft with, just as good as the other permanent marker.

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