Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

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I like it works simple name fits it is simple pure leaves skin smooth looking good skin

Gentle exfoliation. Face is smoother after use. CONTAINS MINERAL OIL!! If that's a problem for you then the entire simple facial line may not be for you.

I really like this product and what I like best about it is when I wash my face is so so clean and clear and just that smooth shiny glossy look hey it's something that I would recommend I would recommend someone to buy it because I really like it and because like I said it's really good product it makes your skin looks really clean glossy shiny and it's nice and I like it and if you have like me and have bad acne I would look into getting this.

I liked the fact that its fragrance free but after that it does nothing - it feels like you are just using plain water to wash your face. I didnt feel clean after using it.

leaves my face feeling clean, smooth and smells geeo

I really like this face wash, It works and doesnt have a yucky smell. Some of the products that have scrub in them do not seem to come off your face when you are done but this does. I also noticed that my acne was going away, it you use it for a week everyday you will see a difference.

It really works great for my face, cleaning it without damaging it. It have simple and pure ingredients.

Great products. Leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, without it being dry. It's unlike any product I've used, most products, at least for my skin type (normal), are excellent for cleaning, but they leave my skin super dry and tight. Simple leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh, and moisturized. Hope this helps!

I don't feel this product cleans my face that great. Add in that it is not oil free and I feel it leaves my face oily throughout the day. Moreover, I have noticed that sometimes I have to wash my face twice because I don't think it thoroughly cleans my face.

I recently bought this scrub along with the Simple moisturizer. I'm very impressed. My skin breaks out easily and many products have been too harsh. This product doesn't cure my acne but it keeps it under control and doesn't further irritate my skin.

this is great at cleaning my face and it does not dry it out a great product

Doesn't clear your acne but super gentle and hydrating!

I did not find this product to be great. It really bothered my skin and I never felt clean after using it. I was hoping it would be a good scrub but it fell short of expectations. I went back to using myh old facewash. I ended up just throwing it away since it did not do anything for me.

On the fence about this product. I don't have sensitive skin but rather oily and I just don't feel this product did it for me. I thought it would feel more moisturizing or luxurious but it honestly just felt like a cheap cleanser on my skin. I guess with its packaging and "simple" name I thought it would be more natural and nourishing. Did not live up to my expectations.

I have very sensitive skin. I love this product!