Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer

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I love this moisturizer!!

After trying 2 lines of Simply facial care products I wanted to give a try to the moisturizer as well. I have tried this many times as of now and it is now a part of my daily facial regime. I have very dry skin. I can?t wash my face without reapplying moisturizer. This moisturizer absorbed quickly and made my skin soft. I am not sure which ingredients are so helpful (maybe the Pro-Vitamin B5?), but something in here makes my skin look radiant and the texture is so smooth A keeper for me.

I loved this product !!!!! I cant use just any moisturizer since I have sensitive skin.... But this product worked great and didnt make my face red and burn!!! i recomend it all the way !!!!

I have tried simple face wash sample and decide to try simple other products and i am glad i did bought this moisturizer it makes my skin feel good and no dry flakes..i am happy with the product

after using the facial cleanser, i am "in" with the simple line so i decided to try the light moiturizer. i love it. my face is moist, not greasy and oily and my skin is not irritated thank you

I really, really liked this moisturizer as some one that has super dry skin and is used to using a rich cream in the day time instead of a light moisturizer. This left my face feeling nourished and broke out my skin like crazy. I really want to use this, I tried for 1 1/2-2 weeks, but my skin just wouldn't clear up so I had to go back to Olay and once I got the acne back under control - yes I tried again - because I really like this product, hense another bad break out that I am trying to clear up, which takes a long time. I gave it the lower score aside from my first issue because I went for about an hour walk and got an awesome sunburn on my face, looked at the lotion and realized it did not have SPF! What doesn't have that these days? So again back I went to Olay that does have spf in it. I def. can't use this in summertime without spf and don't want to put a sunscreen on my face. I feel like they totally missed the boat on that. Anyway, love the lotion other than those two issues.

The name says it all - it really is a simple, light moisturizer. It doesn't feel heavy or greasy on my face, and there is basically no scent to it. It's perfect if you are looking for a light moisturizer for under makeup or before bed. I haven't noticed any overall change to the way my skin looks or feels in general (it's not really a moisturizer that is supposed to do anything specific other than moisturize) - but it does feel natural going on and blends in fast.

I really like this moisturizer! It has a perfect consistency - doesn't feel too heavy, yet is not too 'runny' - and I like that it's not heavily scented

I love this moisturizer! I have pretty dry skin on my forehead and this moisturizer does the job without leaving a greasy feeling afterward. I liked it so much that I went to the store and bought the toner as well. While I was in the skincare aisle, I was able to convince another customer to give "Simple" a try. She ended up picking up the Facial Scrub and the lightweight moisturizer.

I received my moisturizer last month and have used it daily for approximately 3 weeks. The moisturizer is nice and light; it absorbs quickly and makes my face feel soft. So far, I haven't had any break-outs, so that is also a plus in my book! That being said, the one downside is that I can only use this at night because I have a very oily T-zone and even with primer, my foundation rarely last for more than 2-3 hours....applying moisturizer in the morning cuts my foundation's lifespan in half. And this goes with any moisturizer--believe me, I've tried several! Bottom line: this is a great moisturizer for my needs and I have been impressed enough with it that I have purchased other products from the line.

I REALLY enjoy this moisturizer! I don't use it on my face,though. I use it for my legs and other body parts.The lght scent and wonderful way that Simple leaves my feeling so soft is just amazing! I am convinced that this moisturizer is my new and permanent body lotion. Has anyone else used the moisturizer as a lotion?

I really like this moisturizer a lot! I wore it to work at night, and put it through the rigor of my busy night! My face didn't feel greasy at all! It's so light, just the right amount of moisture!

Love love this!!! It really did make a difference on my face.It feels so much smoother and younger every morning!!

It is a wonderful moisturizer. I used it with the face scrub and my skin is now totally different. No more shedding snake skin for me. Now my face is smooth and silky feeling without a heavy greasy feeling or that over dried pulling feeling.

I didn't know what to expect from this moisturizer. At first, when I squeezed some onto my fingertips, I thought, this is so light and almost like water, will it really moisturize as well as it's advertised? Wow, was I pleasantly surprised! My skin has been so tempermental lately, being a bit dry and flaky from winter. This Simple Moisturiser waws not greasy at all and absorbed into my skin right away. It also left my skin feeling truly hydrated throughout the day. I will definitely be purchasing this product line in the future! Thanks shespeaks!