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  • mardel mardel

    I normally don't like this cosmetic line but when they came out with these products that also include blush I had to try them. They are expensive for a drug store brand so just wait for a bogo sale. The scent of them isn't to strong but to me the smell is of roses. They are very pigmented and they give the skin a glow. Great review

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  • M1ndyclark By  M1ndyclark    

    Cute packaging aside (and I just love the metallic pink compact with hearts embossed into the product!) this powder is a wonderful addition to my makeup bag! I was skeptical at first about it's "happy boosting" effects but, I must admit there seems to be a slight elevation in my mood after using the product. (Physicians Formula claims it contain something called Euphoryl, a natural plant extract.) The powder itself is light and adds a youthful sheen to the skin. There is little to no scent ( a plus in my opinion) The only drawback is the pricetag (only pricey if you are comparing it to department store prices) But, having used Physicians Formula in the past, I can definitely say it's worth the money.


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