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Honestly, if it wasn't for their great discounts, I would never buy clothes there. I seriously got a whole outfit for under $20 there just by shopping their discount rack. I also think that they have a good home goods section too.

I use to love Kohl's! Lately I have been very disappointed with their sales and quality of items! I ordered several items online and most of them had issues! They sent me a shirt with a noticeable rip in it, they packaged a wooden side so poorly it was destroyed in the mail! They sent me the wrong bedskirt! It was terrible! Thankfully they replace or refunded all the items but just the hassle of going to the store to return or exchange everything was annoying!

So so Kohl's is normally the last store I check when I am looking for something. They are not situated around other stores, they are generally tucked back in a corner. I wonder if they really want you shopping there. Sometimes I find good deals, other times I am left feeling disappointed. I wish the prices and merchandise were more consistent.

Not a fan I used to enjoy Kohls, but they don't change their selection and assortments often enough to keep me interested. I get so many coupons, and when you can't really find anything you need or want at the store, that says something about what they carry. Also, I don't think they treat their employees well. They put on a good face to the public, but at corporate, it's all about who you know, not your results. The company needs better, more honest leadership at the top.

Wonderful world of Kohl This store is wonderful. To shop this store you have to know when to use your percentage off and your Kohls cash to spend your money. Those that don't know how to shop find Kohl it hard and don't understand the percentage off and kohl cash.

ADDICTIVE STORE Kohls ALWAYS has sales & DON'T forget to sign up with their members rewards (free) AND check out the backs of every department - their clearance is AMAZING

I'm not really a fan of Kohls. I feel like they are a bit pricey. Their clothes not so much but I love shopping for bed sheets here.

Reasonable Priced This store has some reasonably priced goods and such. They also have some nice sales as well. Always try and get some of that Kohl's Cash you can use at a later date. They have some good sales/rebates on everyday food prep items too. I like it but, I refuse to go there with my mom. We'll be in there all day.

I just feel like everything is messy and unorganized, and it's hard to find things. Maybe it's my local store, but I don't like shopping here. I also feel like original prices are highly inflated so that the sale price seems good, when it actually should be the actual price.

Great Savings at Kohl's Kohl's is an affordable department store. They have coupons for everyone whether you have their credit card or not. If you do have a Kohl's charge you get the best savings. Kohl's charge customers can get up to 30% off their entire purchase. Also if you have their rewards card, for every $100 spent for a month, you get $5 dollars in kohl's cash. When kohl's cash is going on, you get $10 for every $50 spent. If you can't find something in store, they have online kiosks that will let you order, and get free shipping to your house. If you are not satisfied with something, they have a no hassle return policy. You can also do even exchanges, for example you can exchange a shirt for a different color or size. Even stuff like electronics and items that are not on sale, you can still receive kohl's cash for them.

I like shopping at kohls when they have good sales, but sometimes their prices are a bit high. They have nice clothing.

I like kohls and what they have to offer but I personally feel like their deals haven't been all that fantastic lately - there's really nothing drawing me into that store

Love Kohls Clearance sales When I'm shopping for myself or my family Kohls is one of my top 3 favorite stores to go. I am especially fond of their clearance racks that are sometimes 60% to 80% off. You can't beat that!

Not much to interest me I would only recommend this store for their perfumes. Im a curvy and busty girl. Their clothes dont fit me, their lingerie is limited and small, shoes over priced, housewares redunantly over priced and their jewelry counter doesnt have good warranties, and the ladies behimd the counter dont have any knowledge of what theyre selling. The perfume collection is nice but pricey and the minimum payment you can make on your card has gone up. Ive been a good customer and had a paid off Kohls card for years. Very discouraging

5 Star Shopping at Low Prices What can I say about Kohls! Love it! I am a loyal customer both in store and online. They have everything I need for my whole family not to mention my home needs as well. Always has great coupons and in store sales!