Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Sandwich Cookies

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Every since I was a kid I loved my Oreo's and milk!!

I LOVE oreos! I get them every once in a while as a treat, but when I do I savor them to no end! They are also amazing deep fried with some powdered sugar ontop! That is a super rare treat though!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Oreos..................................!

Absolutely the best cookie ever made!!! A classic in my home!!!

i will always love my oreos they are the best

Oreo Sandwich Cookies with a cup of milk as a snack are one of the best snacks ever. This snack everyone likes even kids for a treat. Everybody likes Oreo's.

Who doesn't love oreos? I love twisting them apart, scraping off the icing and dunking them in milk--just like I did when I was a kid

Oreos are the best, especially with peanut butter to dip them in and a glass of milk!

Milk's fave cookie and its also my fav. I like to eat the filling cream first and then the two other cookies. Soo good!

OMG!!!!! Love it sooo good

i love these cookies,especially the fudge covered ones they have during the winter months.they are my favorite.everybody i knows loves these cookies.

I love them they are a old classic that still make you want a glass of milk with your cookies. I also love the ones covered in white fudge during winter its no fair they don't give you a lot in the box!

the cookies are so good i love cookies lol

the best sandwich cookie ever. the chocolate cookie is perfect. has a great taste i could eat just the cookie part without the cream. most people go for the cream i am in it for the cookie.

Love the chocolate and creme filled delicious cookie ( and a cold glass of milk!).