ABC Once Upon a Time

ABC Once Upon a Time

              Rated #13 in Television Shows
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90% Recommended
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Love the show!! Even the last season they made. Love how they turned the Disney movies different as we already know

Forever in Love I love this show. First off magic is always cool no matter what age you are. This show has a do anything necessary to protect love which is sweet. Sometimes the heroine (Emma) gets in the way of my fave character the Evil Queen. This show is a perfect example of trying to do good things and being very bad at it.

Netflix Binge I've been watching this show on Netflix. I'm through season one and just starting season 2. I hope it keeps up the drama and excitement. So, far I love it.

OUAT My favorite TV show! I even named my chug Emma because of a character on the show. Why can't they put out the episodes if OUAT faster? I am definitely an addict! Hook is sexy--that's a bonus!!

Hooked with this show. I'm looking forward to the next season.

Cannot get enough of this amazing show. Brings me back to being a child watching my favorite Disney movies. I will be sad for the day they cancel this show.

I was hooked with season one! I am not completely caught up with the all the seasons and am going to be starting back up soon. Now that I have more time again, I can't wait to see where this series goes!

I love this show, me and my boyfriend started watching it on Netflix just to see if we would get into it. It didn't take us long to watch all that was on Netflix now were waiting for the new season to come on

I love this show it is so cute and I love the fairy tale story line.

Great show! I love Disney so I love how they took all of the old fairytales and twisted it into a darker adult version. It's a great show and doesn't disappoint.

I love this show. I like how they make the Disney stories different and entertaining.

It was good in the beginning and then the plot was going no where. So I stop watching it. Then there wasn't any other show on so I watch it one day and it's getting more better.

Love this show! I have watched it since day one and have it DVR just in-case I am not home :) My 8 year old daughter sometimes watches it with me! Its very interesting!

Takes me back to when I was a little girl. I love love love this show!

Enchanting. Need i say more? Its just beautiful.