BiC for Her Retractable Ball Pens

BiC for Her Retractable Ball Pens

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I LOVED the pens I live in a house of pen snatchers these came in the perfect colors they write smooth and they are easy to handle and fit perfectly in my purse :)

The pens write very nice. The design is super cute. I would've preferred not to have colored ink, but overall the pens are great.

Loved these pens, so feminine. I like how they write in pink or lavender two of my favorite colors. I have a secret pen fetish and am always happy to try new pens.

Nice-looking pens, and a fun change of pace. They are comfortable to use, too.

How could you go wrong with pink and purple ink? I am always excited to see different ink colors besides black and blue. These pens write consistently and smoothly. The grip is comfortable and the look of the pen is cute. I've really enjoyed using these pens since I got them in my December Cravebox.

These are nice to write with especially since they are for HER!

love the grip and the way they write!

love the way they write! cute looking too.

Love the pens. I shared with my sister. I love the colors that they write too

My daughter and I love these pens! I love that they're girly too - which means my husband won't steal them!

I loved these pens! They write so well and I love that the ink is pink and purple! They are stylish and you always know which pen is yours!

Love the pink and purple ink. Love the pretty design. Will give the pink one to my youngest daughter and keep the purple ink for myself. Thanks Bic and Cravebox!

I love these pens that came in my Dec Cravebox. The cpink an purple colors are fun. Very comfortable to use and my 6 year old keeps trying to steal them from me.

I love these pens!!! I was excited to see the pink and purple colors too. I love to have "My Special Pen" in my purse for my calendar and journal. So this was a special treat!! Thanks Crave box!!!

Loved the design and feel of these pens. Would like to be able to have a choice in the colors we use. As a professional, I can not use pink and purple colors on paperwork that I have signed.