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  • Cbat3295 By  Cbat3295    

    Bought an army bear when my sister went into the military and put a heart beat. Now 5 years later my 2 boys love him

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  • CeeCee82 By  CeeCee82    

    I got this for a reward for my daughter of 5 she was got tests back that showed her at a second grade level. She is big on controlling every aspect of everything she does and has so this was the perfect gift for her. She loved it and still does more then anything else she ownes

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  • scarlettsmommy By  scarlettsmommy    

    My girls love build a bear workshop we've got quite a few of the animals and they hold up well to the normal uses of the kids. I even have one from when I was younger that the girls now have! We have also gone there for birthday parties before and its always been a great experience! The only downfall is sometimes their prices are kinda high I feel like you can't just buy the animal you have to get the accessories and it can get expensive! But its still a lot of fun!

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  • Chica3me By  Chica3me    

    This is a fun place to take your special loved one for a birthday etc! It's pricey but a great experience!

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  • Verudiaz By  Verudiaz    

    My daughter love it... She is now 12 but she still have her Build- a -bears. she got her 1st one when she was about 4 or 5 years old, her collection grow up to 5. They can be a little expensive but I think all child should have a list one from there own creation.

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  • meggyreap By  meggyreap    

    I absolutely ADORE Build a bear! I loved it as a child and I still do! I have a small collection of some of the limited edition bears.

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  • ModelJenn By  ModelJenn    

    Build-A-Bear is great because kids can fully customize their stuffed animal. It is fun to go pick out an animal, help stuff it, and then pick out clothes and a name. They may come out a little pricey but they are good quality and durable. My boys love Build-A-Bear, they enjoy being able to make their own stuffed animal.

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  • Zander34 By  Zander34    

    It's great to make your own stuffed bear no matter how old you are. I think the animals themselves are reasonably priced. However, the clothes and accessories add a lot to the price. The last bear my daughter-in-law made for my grandson ended up costing $50 - a bit expensive for a stuffed animal

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  • kristennh By  kristennh    

    Perfect for kids. So many different stiffed animals to create and they get to stiff them pick out names and pick out whatever clothes they want to put on their new friend

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    We have been here twice with our son. I love that there is so much to choose from when you are making your stuffed animal! They are a little pricey, but I look at it this way: You can only have so many stuffed animals, chances are you won't be making this trip very often. Think of it as an investment in your child, not just in their toys, but in the time you spend with them. They will have a blast, and you probably will too just from seeing how excited they get!

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  • iheartb By  iheartb    

    this makes a great present for any child. Its special because you customize it with a birth certificate and if it's ever lost there is a tracking code inside and can be mailed back to you

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