Torani Pumpkin Pie Syrup

Torani Pumpkin Pie Syrup

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I am not a fan of Pumpkin Pie, so I have to say this was a little too pumpkin-y for me. But, for those who do it like pumpkin flavors, I'd definitely recommend this syrup! The pumpkin pie flavor seemed very authentic and spot on.

I was thrilled to receive this flavor of Torani Flavored Syrup as a part of the Torani program on SheSpeaks. I love Pumplin flavored anything!! I immediately got to work and created some delicious coffee that I enjoyed over and over. I have been familiar with Torani Syrups and will continue to use. The Pumpkin Pie flavor is a good represenation of Pumpkin Pie- not too sugary or too strong or rich, just perfect! I recommend this great seasonal treat!

I have to admit I was a bit turned off when I saw I received the pumpkin pie flavor of Torani and I wasn't very eager to try it. I waited a couple of days and finally got the nerve to add it to my coffee. I was pleasantly surprised. I absolutely love it. It's not very overwhelming and that's what makes it my new favorite Torani syrup flavor. I really can't get enough of it. I've been adding to just about everything I drink.

Is this a syrup or liquified pie? It's hard to tell because Torani Pumpkin Pie tastes and smells just like it's appropriately named bakery inspiration. It's a great seasonal flavor that can be added to coffee or hot chocolate.

Delicious, seasonal flavor! This was so great! It tasted delicious and added a special twist for a new holiday tradition!

Torani Pumkin Pie Flavor System Is Too! Delicious. I Really Loved The Flavor Of Torani Pumpkin Pie. It Was Rich And Oh So Delicious . Just Like A Real Pumpkin Pie. I Used It In Different Drinks And It Just Made It Taste Even Better. I Will Buy This Flavor again . I think It Would Be Great As A Gift For Friends and Family Too!.

I had some friends over to try this in coffee and other items to compare with the vanilla. It did not have a real pumpkin pie taste and all it did was sweeten the coffee. If did however taste good in a smoothie with pumpkin ice cream.

I recieved a very generous sized bottle of the pumpkin syrup and I'm in love! I spend a fortune in the coffee shops during the fall. Pumkin is my favorite flavors. I found it to taste very authentic and not too sweet, which I like. there are so many uses for this,add to cake recipes and muffins. alchoholic drinks etc. I had all my friends and family sample this and they have all enjoyed it, even some that don't normally like pumpkin flavor. I handed coupons to my friends and family and they all happy to purchase their own...

i love the pumkin pie syrup. it was so good. i am almost done with the bottle. made great tasting coffee. and it is the perfect time for pumkin pie syrup.

This is so good! I cannot stop drinking it. Great pumpkin flavor, not too overpowering. If you like pumpkin flavor, then I can guarantee you will love this!

i LOVE THE PUMPKIN PIE TORANI SYRUP. I tried the pumpkin pie torani syrup in my coffee and it tasted just like the big chains spiced pumpkin coffee. I also got creative and added it to vanilla icecream, that was delish. We are added to a few other items like, butter for pumpkin flavoring the kids really loved it. I also tried the sugar free vanilla and it was to die for. perfect for coffee, cooking, and even added a little to my scent burner with a little water and my whole house smelled like pumpkin pie. Will def be keeping these on hand thru the holidays.

What a nice addition to the holiday season. Being able to garnish my coffee, ice cream, whipped cream or even use it in my pumpkin bread recipe has been a treat. It was nice reaching outside of what I'd normally buy and finding great new ways of using this classic Italian syrup.

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to create my own coffeeshop flavor at home. The pumpkin pie flavor is authentic. They have captured it well. Just a little goes a long way. It is great in hot chocolate, steamed milk and in a cup of coffee. I also put some into my oatmeal, and over vanilla ice cream. I am looking forward to trying more flavors!

LOVED it!! I am a HUGE fan of pumpkin flavor, and this was awesome! Now I can enjoy pumpkin flavor all year round!

I have had Torani's syrups before, but never the flavors that came in my kit, which were Pumpkin Pie and Sugar Free Vanilla. I tend to be wary of sugarfree products as they usually have aspartame in them, which I'm allergic too, but this syrup used Splenda, so that was a positive. Had a fe friends over and we tried both syrups in coffee. The vanilla was great, but I personally thought the pumpkin pie was a bit too sweet for coffee, but no too sweet for the pumpkin pie martini! I'm going to use the coupons to try more flavors with the girls and a few as raffle gifts!