Philips  Wake-up Light

Philips Wake-up Light

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I enjoy the ease of use of this item. I like the buttons and the quick access light. I really enjoy waking up to the birds rather than my cell phone which is what I used before this arrived. I have shared this with my 16 year old son who is really difficult to awake. I think it is making things a bit easier on him although he is still difficult to awake most days. I wouldn't recommend trying to look and see what time it is with the light at full brightness, because it is rather blinding. When the light isn't on, you can read the time just fine. I have enjoyed trying this product!

I am affected by S.A.D. and the Phillips Wake-Up light has definitely improved my mood. I use it as an alarm and if I am feeling light deprived I use the light to help me adjust. The NW winter can be dreary so this really helps. I love the way the sound gets progressively louder, just like the light gets progressively brighter. It is not as jarring as when a normal alarm goes off. My only negative reaction is the appearance, it looks like a humidifier, not a light/alarm.

I loved the Philips wake up light. I have a lot of trouble waking up in the morning. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now, and it makes getting up in the morning so much easier!! I like how the light gently gets brighter and how the music gets louder in increments. This light is really making a difference for me!

I too am not a morning person and I always hated getting jarred awake by an alarm. I would usually just hit snooze until I woke up then we would be running late. Ever since using the Phillips Wake Up Light I have not woken up late or been behind in the morning. It feels like I am able to wake up naturally. I love the radio feature and the nature sounds. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, morning person or not!

I have been pretty impressed with this alarm. I can not stand being jerked out of a deep sleep in the morning, when my alarm goes off. Since I have been using this alarm, I feel ready to wake up when the alarm begins. I also loves the variety of alarm sounds available. I enjoyed this light/alarm clock so much that I purchased one for my father for Christmas. He gets up in the dark every morning and can't stand it. I think he'll really appreciate the difference he feels when his new alarm goes off.

i thought that the light setting was a little too bright, I had to turn it way down. I like the bell alarm but the chirping birds alarm was kind of creepy. When i woke up I thought I was outside or that birds were inside. Seems to work well, but not for my husband.

This light worked so well for my husband. He is bipolar and has difficulties in the winter with a lack of light. The addition of light to the pleasing music makes a great wake-up for him. He actually wakes up in a good mood and feels more "alive" during the day. It is also a great night light to have in our room, along with a radio. I love this light and would recommend it to anyone!

very dependable alarm, usually wakes me up before sound alarm.

What a fantastic alarm! I put this in my teenage daughter's room, and she has been waking up in a much better mood now that her beeping alarm clock has been replaced with the Philips Wake Up Light. The jarring beeping sound of her old alarm was not the best thing to wake up to and the light just just been so great! Thanks for letting us try it out! I'll be recommending it to everyone. :)

I am so happy that I got to try the Phillip's Wake Up Light! I have always had trouble waking up, getting up and staying alert once I am out of bed! Winter months here in the Pacific Northwest are cold, gray, long and dismal. To add to that, I take medications that help keep me in an exyended sleep. This wake up light has changed my life for the good! Before I had the Phillips Wake Up Light, I was such a bear waking up to a startling alarm clock at 4a.m. and "unbearable" to be around! I love waking up with a smile on my face now, and feeling so much more alert and energized all day long! The gradual sunrise and gentle sounds of birds chirping are so soothing yet effective at waking me, I am so much more pleasant to be around. My mom is now interested in buying one for herself .

Like many others, I was skeptical about the Phillips Wake-Up light and whether or not it would make a difference. I have a hard time getting to sleep at night and waking up with the time change is hard. She Speaks sent us a Phillips Wake Up Light to try, and I did try it for a couple of nights and think it made a difference for me. I have since moved it into my son's bedroom, most everyone with a teen knows how hard it is to deal with them in the mornings!! He's had it in there for a couple of weeks now and it's made a big difference. It's much easier for him to get up on time and when he gets up he is in a better mood. I do wish the antenna on the radio was sturdier. It is a thin wire and if the cat gets to it, he will chew through it in no time. The switch to turn it off and on each day seems flimsy. I wish it could have a timer on it so that it would go off by itself after an hour or so and didn't have to be manually turned off. The other thing that is a big deal for me is that there is no battery back-up. If the power goes out, this unit won't work, so people will be late to work and school. That is another reason it is in my son's room instead of mine.

The Philips Wake Up Light has been great! The light can be adjusted to lower or higher volumes as can the radio. The light is a little "warmer/dimmer" than I would like it to be. It tends to light up the room, but, unless you have a high bedside table, it sits a little too low to the table to light up the room brightly. The way the alarm works is fantastic! I love the gentle wake up options. Having it gently turn on the radio and the light was actually very nice. I used this as my alarm clock/bedside lamp/radio. For the most part, I really liked it. The only thing is that you have to have it close to you in order to see the clock. Also, the button to turn on the light is in a place that's a little awkward for me to press since I had to put some books under the lamp in order for it to light the room a bit more, which made pressing the light button hard. However, the different settings/sounds for the alarm are wonderful! I really liked that. I enjoyed using this as my alarm and will continue to use it!

I am most definitely not a morning person, but the Phillips Wake Up Light has made some headway changing that. I awake sometimes before the alarm to the light (perhaps I should fiddle the setting a bit) and am not jarred awake by an annoying alarm noise. The Phillips Wake Up Light is simple to use, has a decent amount of features, and truly has been a nice addition to my bedside table. I recommended it to my parents and my mother has already purchased one for my father for Christmas. I'm sure he will like it too!

I was completely skeptical of this actually being a good product for me, but I gave it a try. It honestly took me almost a week to get used to the light and I had to adjust it and set my alarm a little later so I wouldn't wake up too early (and I still set my regular alarm just in case!). Since then, I have realized this is a much easier way for me to wake up! It's not so jarring or startling as a regular alarm clock. This part alone makes a big difference for how the rest of my morning feels. I believe I will be using this product for quite some time!

I posted the other day. Today I wanted to add that I am now FULLY in love with the Philips Wake Up light! Due to chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia problems waking and staying awake is usually problematic. I was able to set the bird sounds to a lower setting and now waking in the morning is even better than just with the light, though the light alone helped my mood a great deal. Thank you She Speaks for allowing me to test this product!