M&Ms Milk Chocolate

M&Ms Milk Chocolate

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I love m&ms these are my favorite ones.

Classic childhood snack. Great to eat alone or mix into a trail mix with pretzels, tortilla chips or any of an array of snacking partners. Hard to resist the thin, crisp candy crunch followed by the soft milk chocolate.

Oh my my gosh!! #myfavorite, my go to, just seeing the pack makes me smile :) I agree works great with toddlers as well & being able to easily control the portion size is awesome.

I am a chocolate nut. I love these candies so delicious and easy to snack on.

M&M's are the perfect snack candy...chocolate in the middle with candy shell!

These are definitely a family favorite candy! An easy snack by itself, or added in a chex mix. They are even great for baking! Perfect for gift giving and any event.

I can eat these none stop! I love there milky chocolate flavor and the crunch of the candy shell.

The chocolate tastes amazing and the sizes are great!

These chocolates are the perfect size to keep portions in control! Small indulgences keep you going!

Love me some m&m's

I love m&ms. They really are the best chocolate candies.

My baby girl's favorite!

Talk about a classic. How couldn't you LOVE these vibrant sugar coated pieces of smooth heaven... I mean chocolate! They work great for potty training too! Pop a couple of these suckers in your kiddos hands and they will WANT to potty train just as bad as you want them to!

thses are on my shopping list every week great for gift giving

Yummy. Fun. Delicious. Chocolate. Need I say more. I've been eating these for years and incorporating into my cooking for years. Love eating them with my popcorn, cooking them in cookies and brownies and muffins, etc. Perfect for gift giving and sharing with the kids and friends.