Olay  Body Wash Plus Creme Ribbons

Olay Body Wash Plus Creme Ribbons

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Wonderful scent and great lather! It definitely left me feeling clean and fresh.

Very soft on the skin and keeps your skin soft as well. Smells great...also tried the purple and green...love them all!!

Nice smell. Leaves skin soft and smooth. Good price. Does not leave an oily residue.

I love the scent. And you definitely feel softer and more moisturized immediately after the shower, but it doesn't last as long as I'd like. Still need a moisturizer for sure.

wish i could give 10 stars for this smells great and skin feels soft

To me this is a great alternative to a more expensive shower gel. It feels like lotion on your skin, and even after you dry off you'll still feel moisturized. It's relatively inexpensive and it smells great!

Very creamy consistency. Didnt leave a film on my skin and left my skin feeling silky

only bodywash i will ever use...love it...smells great and stays on your skin and leaves you feeling smooth..

Got me good and clean without drying my skin out. I love the freagrance and lather too!

I love this product, its great! its just having lotion INSIDE a body wash and you don't need to bother using a lotion afterwards which is awesome!

LOVE most body washing soap doesn't leave that much of a scent, this does!

Smells great and leaves my body feeling moisturized for most of the day!

i would love to try this!

This works great in the shower as a body wash and smells great!

I love this product. It leaves my skin so amazingly soft and the moisture is lasting!