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  • SheStrikesBack By  SheStrikesBack    

    I use this everyday! I have oily T-zone and normal skin in the rest of my face and this little piece of magic leaves me looking fresh all day! Everything you apply on top of it simply glides, and its staying power and matifying abilities are not from this world! You definitely get what you pay for, and for 8 more bucks you can super size it! I am on my second tube and usually alternate in between this one and another one from a different brand and I have to say that I will keep on using them for as long as they are being made! I highly recommended!

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  • misswoman By  misswoman    

    I really like the Benefit Porefessional primer. It is very matte and lasts for a long time. It works.

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  • Nancy1967 By  Nancy1967    

    I love Benefit cosmetics and loved this product. It definately helped make my pores look smaller and loved the way it didn't feel heavy on my skin.

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  • Taylerbootz By  Taylerbootz    

    I LOVE Benefit. They make awesome products. This one however just does not work for me. I have some large pores, but this seems to exaggerate flaws and doesn't sit well on my skin at all. I know a lot of people love this, but it's not for me. I suggest trying a sample before you buy it as Benefit is on the pricier side.

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  • ehunley By  ehunley    

    This product is fantastic! I was amazed with how much smaller my pores appeared. I love the scent too.

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  • anganny609 By  anganny609    

    Love this!! can be used on top or under makeup. Does not make skin oily or leave a heavy feeling on skin. I have large pores and tan skin so pores are very visible but as soon as I use this I have a flawless finish.

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  • kshanez By  kshanez    

    This product is crazy good. I got a sample in Birchbox and am considering purchasing...especially good if you've gotten a lot of sun and have larger pores on your face.

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  • wickerparkgirl By  wickerparkgirl    

    I got a sample of this and decided I needed to buy the full size. I have used some BB creams since then and may ultimately prefer those but this is a good product and it turns powder-soft on application.

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  • Emmsey By  Emmsey    

    I loves how this feels on your skin. Makes skin look great! Only negative I have is the price.

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  • itsallaboutthehair By  itsallaboutthehair    

    I have never tired this, although I have heard amazing reviews about it, hopefully soon I will get the chance to use it.

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  • sonyjean By  sonyjean    

    Ok, so this is the best stuff on Earth. No joke. I have mega oily skin with large pores and forehead lines. What can I say I love this stuff. First of all it glides on the skin like no other. It fills in my pores and my forehead lines. It makes my foundation glide on and look flawless. It keeps my skin smooth and semi-oily free all day. Just to make it have my forehead lines disappear if only for the day well that's great and since it makes my pores smaller well thats the added bonus. It has made me a believer. I love all Benefit's products and I own almost all of them. Excluding the skin care. This is a must have.

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  • SassyShopper By  SassyShopper    

    This product is great! The only drawback is that it kind of magnified any dry spots. It doesn't really fill in your pores, but acts as more of a shine reducer. Either way, it still does make pores less noticeable! Just be sure to moisturize moisturize moisturize before you use it and you'll be fine!

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  • RosieB80 By  RosieB80    

    This product does it's job! I have big pores on the apples of my cheeks and also a couple of small acne scars on the sides of my cheeks. When I use this product it smooths those imperfections away. When I am done my face looks smooth. I would recommend this product to anyone!

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  • rjennings67 By  rjennings67    

    This product is great if you have enlarged pores or simply want to have a more even toned flawless finish which looks great, this is a great product to try and I recommend this product!!

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  • BJBragg By  BJBragg    

    It is absolutely wonderful. Very easy to use and 100% covers pores without being very heavy. It has definitely become a staple in my beauty arsenal.

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