CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

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I love this eyeliner, I use the brown daily throughout the week and the black on the weekends to switch up my look.

I love this eyeliner because its not as sharp/rough as a pencil but not as smudgy as a crayon.

I thought this eyeliner was good. The color was nice and rich and it goes on smoothly.

Liked the eyeliner, not a big one on makeup but I liked how well it applied and the smudging tool, and I was really surprised at how nice the brown color was too, usually I stick with black for eyeliner.

Great product, but really couldn't tell a difference between other's I've used.

I liked the fact that this liner lasted longer than others that I have tried. The only fault that I had was that it took to many swipes across the eye to get it to show up.

The eye liner looked great after applying, and everyone who saw praised it. I felt flattered. I liked the liner very much.

The brown color was more of a red in color after a half day of wearing it. The brown color faded away.

I recieved the "espresso" color of this eyeliner and I was disappointed. I have blue eyes and the eyeliner came off as a reddish kind of color and I looked like I had allergy problems. I would have loved to recieve this in black, but I still love the design of the eyeliner! Self Sharpening ones are always so convientent.

I am not much into eye liner..because some times i feel eatchy and dry skin. This one was great ..the point was good to have correct lines. and if it gets break there is no need to sharpner. thats the best thing about it. And this is from well known great brand P&G

When it comes to eyeliner, I'm typically all thumbs. What I love about the Perfect Point is how smoothly it goes on. The softer texture is perfect - no tugging on the eyelid, which always leads to smudging and uneven application. The price is great too.


My daughter snatched this one up right away when I opened the package from P&G. She loves this brand but isn't a big fan of brown. If this had come in black she would have been ecstatic!

It was my first time trying a brown eyeliner and I loved it! It goes on smoothly and it's very easy to apply.

Very smooth going on and it stayed in place!