Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

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I absolutely love Torani Syrups and this is my favorite flavor. Even though it is sugar free there is no awful aftertaste. You can't even tell its sugar free. I use this stuff in everything from Italian sodas to snow cones. You have to try this stuff!

I was out of town when this delish stuff arrived. I didn't give my husband permission to try it out, citing my old standby that I use for the boys when toys come, "let me check to make sure what we need to do with it". That was suppose to ensure that when I managed to get a chance to try it out, there would be plenty. However, my arrival at home was met with questions and suggestions on exactly what he would be brewing up with it. He stood in the kitchen for what seemed like half an hour before even bringing the bottle for me to sniff from. By that time, he had already added to his soda. I kid you not, he put it in a regular soda and deemed it better than any company-flavored drink could ever come up with. Alas, I had to know, I grabbed my diet soda which is the source of pain for me anyway, I love regular soda but diabetes simply doesn't like me in return. I added a little bit to my drink and we stood in our kitchen, boys tucked away in bed and imbibed of Sugar Free Vanilla Flavored soda and diet soda and giggled as if we here truly hitting a bottle of hard stuff. Needless to say, tomorrow morning I plan to add the goodness to my breakfast...seriously, this stuff is purely dreamy!

First time I've ever tried it. I like the "kick" it added to my morning coffee. It was a little too sweet for my taste but I brought it into my work and everyone really loved it. I like the suggestion about a pour spout. It was really hard to put just a splash in, I kept overpouring (which may be why I found it too sweet).

This was sooo yummy. I had no idea it was sugar free until i looked at the bottle! It did not have the fake sugar taste i usually get in my coffee with flavor. My son LOVES it in hot milk, makes a great alternative to hot chocolate!

I have the sugar free vanilla, and the regular pumpkin pie flavors... The after taste of the Splenda is not pleasant. I tried it in coffee. I will find someone who likes fake sugar. I really appreciate this very generous free gift & will not waste this... It will be used. Dr. Oz my teacher & mentor also recommends never using fake sugar (Splenda in particular) use cane sugar or "agave" instead. The sometimes irreversible, detrimental, effects on several human body systems,and organs, is just not worth it. The taste is good but the after taste is miserable for me. And Splenda (& all of the fake sugars) shots my nervous system, I have the shakes right now. Yuck, it might just be my system, but I need to go & do something about this after taste. If a person is used to fake sugar... they will love this, as the initial flavor is fantastic. I will blame my system 100%... I am 60 and I knew better... I know my body. So, I am giving 5 stars to the product, will highly recommend to anyone, just choose sugar free/natural sugar according to your own body type and tolerance. The pumpkin Pie, which is natural cane sugar, is also fantastic tasting. I would like to use the coupons to get more flavors, and give these as Christmas/house warming, etc., gifts.

I really like this flavor. I have added it to pepsi, coffee, and oatmeal. It is a really good flavor to add to just about anything. I recommend this flavor to anyone that wants to spice up a drink or food. I like that it is sugar free so my dad can try it. He is a diabetic and drinks a lot of sugar free products. He is really pleased with this flavor. Great flavor!

I found it too sweet for me. I still prefer just the plain Vanilla coffee. I must admit though that I do not generally sweeten my coffee. I am giving the bottle to my daughter to try and will post her comments after she uses it. One general comment that the bottle is a little too tall, just short of 12" in height. It does not fit easily into most of my cabinets. Torani needs to make the bottle either fatter and shorter or just make it in a smaller size.

I never buy Sugar Free products because they don't normally taste good. The Torani Syrup really surprised me. The Vanilla had a nice taste. Not too sweet or strong and the aftertaste wasn't bad. I tried the Vanilla in my morning coffee with some cream. I'm going to try as others have suggested and put the vanilla in my coke!

Absolutely amazing! You will never believe by the taste of this syrup that it is sweetened with Splenda and has zero calories. There is no after taste like you get with some products that contain Splenda and it is delicious in coffees, baking recipes, frappes and more! While I would typically shy away from sugar-free products, this is one we will continue to buy time and time again.

First time user, delighted with the taste and size of the bottle :) Only a little is needed to provide a delicious taste to any hot beverage. I used it in coffee and may try it in tea next :) The possibilities are endless.

Coffee is a staple at my house, and while we make a pot or 2 each day, most of us just drink it black. I did not start drinking coffee until after I had been married a couple of years. I would always make it for my husband, but drank tea myself. After a while I began to enjoy the scent of coffee brewing and then started drinking it myself. I decided if I was going to 'learn to drink it? I would drink it black, mostly to save on calories. And so we all drink it black. When Torani send me coffee syrups to try I was not sure it would be something I would enjoy, but I was very wrong. Torani flavored syrups are just wonderful. Just a shot is enough to turn a regular cup of store brand coffee into a real treat! This is the same coffee syrup that the big coffee houses use and it is great. So many flavors and many in sugar free if you are watching calories. We have been sampling sugar free vanilla and pumpkin pie flavors. Both are great! Vanilla is a classic coffee compliment and the sugar free version does not have an aftertaste. Pumpkin pie is great for this time of year and pairs well with the pumpkin pie flavors that surround the holidays. Torani coffee syrups are available at most grocery stores and Wal-Mart. They are in the coffee aisle. And they are great to flavor soda and teas too. The possibilities are really endless. Check it out. Want to try a Torani coffee syrup for yourself? Torani has given me 3 coupons for a free bottle of coffee syrup. Leave a comment with your favorite flavor and I will pick 3 winners 11/19/11. Can't wait? Visit Torani and use 'shespeaks? in the online offer code box for 10% off your order. Disclaimer: I received 2 750 ml bottles of Torani coffee syrup to try from SheSpeaks. All opinions expressed are my own.

Let me start off by saying that I'm not a fan of sugar free stuff. Period. They taste like chemicals and they leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth. This is not true of this syrup!!! It is flavored with Splenda, so you don't have that chemical sweetener taste. It smells like a true, deep vanilla, which I like; involving as many senses as possible is imperative in food! I tried it with my coffee this morning and I have to tell you, it is so freaking GOOD! There is a depth to this syrup that I didn't expect; you get a good vanilla flavor initially, but it leaves a pleasant vanilla aftertaste that is hard to describe. It definitely gives it that coffeehouse factor that they're going for. I generally have sugar and a hefty dose of cream in my coffee. I was able to just use the syrup to sweeten the coffee, and then add my cream. Definitely recommend this!!

The Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup did not dissapoint! It added just the right vanilla notes to the coffee. The aroma was pleasant and it did not leave an artificial aftertaste that sometimes comes along with Splenda. This is the first time I've tried adding syrup to my coffee at home. The only thing I would change on the Torani bottle is the pour spout. It was difficult to pour a small amount into just 1 cup.

I am giving this 4 stars because while I am not normally a fan of sugar free products I really like this SF vanilla! It is really good and I am loving this in my coffee. I am counting it as healthy since I am not putting any sugar in my coffee when I add in the SF vanilla! Very yummy and in a couple of weeks I am looking to add this to the baking I am doing. A friend suggested adding it to a coke for a vanilla coke. I also checked out the Torani website and there are sooooo many possibilities. I am hooked!

I love anything vanilla and really enjoyed this syrup. This is a favorite to flavor my coffee although I would probably get the full sugar flavor in the future as I felt that the need to add extra sweetner to my drink. I added the syrup to a bowl of oatmeal and have found a new way to spice up my breakfast.