Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

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Loved these when my baby was a newborn now she uses the regular pampers wipes. Great to start out with though wet enough to wipe stuck on poop.

These wipes always help me get the job done quick and easy. My daughter as with any baby hates diaper changes and these wipes are durable enough to clean up even the messiest of blow outs she throws my way. I love the fact there are no added ingredients and that makes it gentle on her skin.

These are the only wipes we use on our baby, and we will continue to use these for our future babies as well. I always have these in my baby shower gift. They are strong, gentle, and great for babies sensitive skin.

Love these wipes they work so good on my little boy. The only downside is the price.

This is great for babies that have that extra special skin that can be irritated easily. It prevent that harshness on their skin.

I love these and so does my son they are very soft and does not seem to irritate him as much as others by being so dry and rough. I buy these every time and was mad when a store I will not name did not carry any pampers wipes, all they had was Huggies.

This is my go-to choice for baby wipes! My son has extremely sensitive skin, and it was about the only one that he could tolerate that wasn't ridiculously expensive either! They do their job and make clean-up a cinche!

These work well for my daughter. It gets her very clean.

I purchased a large box of these off Amazon due to some major savings I had on them. I was using them on my newborn and he would scream every time I did. At first I thought it was due to them being cold since I didn't use a warmer. Well, one day I was in tears and crying over something, and I grabbed one of these wipes to clean off my face. My face started BURNING. Literally burning! Not in my eyes, not in my nose... but my skin was burning! I immedietly switched brands to use on my newborn and he's stopped screaming during diaper changings. I have no idea what's in these ... but sensitive skin wipes? These are a no-go.

I personally preferred dry wipes that I can wet with water and use on my baby, since it felt more natural and safer. However, these wipes are nice to use on the go when I won't always have access to water. They don't seem to irritate my baby's skin at all. I just wish they weren't so saturated with whatever is used to make these wipes wet.

These wipes are my favorite, I find these to be stronger and softer than other popular brands. I sometimes use them as makeup remover.

I purchased these wipes to keep at my house for when I watched my friends little girl and I have to say they were really soft and didnt leave any yucky soapy residue behind. I give these wipes a thumbs up!

My child never needed sensitive wipes but I did receive a few as shower gifts. The only problem I personally had with them was to me they were a bit to flimsy and didn't really clean as well as some of the thicker ones. But all around still a good wipe with a nice fresh scent and no sticky after feeling.

I love these wipes. They are so soft and not stiff. The only problem is I wish they were cheaper. We were given these at the hospital when I had all three of my children.

I am a "cheap" shopper when it comes to things that I consider to be on the "less important" side of things. My child recently had an episode of extremely bad diaper rash. She would scream when I changed her (poor thing). I took her to the doctor and the first question from my doctor was "what type of wipes are you using?" I shrugged and told her "oh just the cheap off brand, why?" She had a look of horror on her face. She explained to me that the cheap wipes are so rough on the babies gentle skin that it will tear the skin when cleaning them up. That's why she was so raw and it wouldn't get better. Needless to say, I got the "most awful mom of the year award". I went out and bout some Pampers sensitive baby wipes and have not deviated since. These work great and as an added bonus I don't have to use as many wipes in the clean up. They hold up better and are way more gentle on the skin. Awesome product!