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  • jaelynbeauty13 By  jaelynbeauty13    

    This is my go to Holy Grail mascara! Make my lashes look like I am wearing Falsies

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  • itsallaboutthehair By  itsallaboutthehair    

    My holy grail mascara!!!!!!!! no flakes, clumps, doesnt budge or smudge!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • gilmoregirl24723 By  gilmoregirl24723    

    This is my favorite drugstore or high end mascara. It gives you length, volume, and curl. It's fabulour!!!

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  • maia616 By  maia616    

    Love the volume I get with this mascara. I have very little to sparse lashes and these give me great volume. The only thing is that it flakes off on my face after some time.

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  • Liliana6 By  Liliana6    

    this product is good it leaves your eyelashes longer but it doesn't pick them up how i like it

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  • Menkus By  Menkus    

    Good mascara and brush. It adds both volume and length, but clumps easily. Doesn't smudge or flake.

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  • cmtafur By  cmtafur    

    Amazing Product. This is the only mascara that I use and it makes my lashes look amazing. I have barely any lashes, so throwing this on (like, 3 coats) adds lots of length and volume and nobody can tell they arent real! Fabulous product!

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  • glanaek91 By  glanaek91    

    This is my favorite mascara. I use it daily and it's worth the price.

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  • meepitssandy By  meepitssandy    

    I got to try this recently and even though it doesn't beat my Buxom Lash mascara, it's quite good for a drugstore product. Price is decent and the formula is not too clumpy.

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  • ninny12 By  ninny12    

    I like this mascara it adds volume to my lashes however it doesn't make them look false at all.

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  • BabblingBeauty1 By  BabblingBeauty1    

    This is my favorite Maybelline mascara. When I apply it, I notice a definite increase in the length of my lashes. It has a flexible wand and the formula isn't too wet or dry. Especially since this mascara is inexpensive I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

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  • hottiemom04 By  hottiemom04    

    EH! Not exactly giving me the "flaired" look it promised. Does accentuate quite nicely though.

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  • Desertrose81 By  Desertrose81    

    Good Mascara Its smudgeproof formula goes on pretty well. I like to use this on top of another mascara and on the outer edge of my upper lashes to give more of a winged appearance to my lashes. I don't usually wear it by itself.

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  • kly1490 By  kly1490    

    This is good mascara; however, if you are not careful it can get clumpy.

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  • pcdouglas30 By  pcdouglas30    

    Great mascara. good mascara application requires patience.

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