Irma S. Rombauer Joy of Cooking

Irma S. Rombauer Joy of Cooking

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This may be very "old school" of me, as I own several contemporary cookbooks by Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, etc., but consistently, I go back to Joy of Cooking. What I like about it is its practicality. What do I do with a Jerusalem artichoke? How long do hard-boiled eggs last? Is this a special way to freeze strawberries. I am in no way an expert cook, but when I do have the time, I enjoy cooking, and I have come to rely on this text more than any other. It should be a staple in anyone's kitchen, and it never goes out of date!!

The Joy of Cooking is the cookbook I consult to find out how to cook something that I have not done before or have not made in a long time. It has a lot of detail about all the aspects of preparing a dish.

TOTALLY love this cookbook! When I first purchased it, I read it cover to cover like a novel! It was SO fascinating to learn in great detail about SO many ingredients! This is a MUST for every home cook - I plan to give it to my daughter (only 10 now) when she moves out on her own! A true American treasure of a cook book!

The very first cookbook my mom taught me to cook from, the first cookbook she gave me when I moved out, and my favorite housewarming gift to give! Classic recipes, plus loads of information.

How do you begin to review what is, essentially, the quintessential cookbook? This is a perfect gift for the beginning cook and a cornerstone of kitchen life for anyone who would consider themself a "foodie." Detailed explainatinos of gadgets, meat, veg, foul, tools, methods; you name it, and it's bound to be in this book. Before there was Google, there was the Joy of Cooking. I still find myself reaching for the index pages before I hit "search."

My daughter still chuckles at the inscription I put in the Joy of Cooking that I gave her about seven years ago. She got a kick out of me referring to it as "the bible of cooking". But to me, this is true! It is the standard for cookbooks in my viewpoint, has every kind of recipe one could want, and gives you detailed info and directions on different methods of cooking, baking, canning, etc., information on cookware and tools......the list is endless. Everything you need to know about how to cook is in this book. Other cookbooks might have great recipes, but this is the "blueprint" for cooking. Since I bought my first copy nearly thirty years ago, I have worn out one hardback Joy of Cooking, one paperback copy, and my second hardback is well worn also at this time. What does that tell you? This is the cookbook I have given to both my neices when they got married and several other young brides. I recommend this to everyone as their first cookbook to buy, and can just about guarantee this is the one book they will go to over and over again for all the answers. Plus the authors have updated the cookbook from time to time to keep it current, no worries about it ever being obsolete for your is THE cookbook to have!

I have had this book since i was married 12 years ago. Although I have ventured into other cookbooks more frequently, like Ina Garten's, I use this as a reference mainly. The recipes are classic and the advice is invaluable. Not all cookbooks provide you with the background of meats, necessary cooking temps etc. This makes a great cook book for a wedding gift or beginner cook. I hope this lasts another 12 years:)

A must have for every kitchen!

Great basic cookbook. This is my standard go to when I am searching for a recipe or idea. It is easy to read and follow. I usually have most of the ingredients in my pantry so I don't have to run around and look for ingredients in many stores. I like to also give this cookbook as a gift for someone moving into a new apartment or for a bridal shower. I would highy recommend this book to a new cook that wants to learn the basics.

I learned to cook by watching my mother starting at the age of 6, I could make any kind of breakfast food. As I grew up, I learned more and more from Mother. I married at 17 and left home. No cookbooks. On my 18th birthday, my Father-in-law presented me with the Joy Of Cooking and I read it from cover to cover! I absolutely loved this book. I call it a book because to me it was filled with all kinds of information other than recipes and that information was invaluable to me ~ everytime I had a question, this cookbook had the answer. Years have gone by and I am not 50. The Joy of Cooking is STILL the book I go to when I need a question answered or a recipe idea. I have given this book out as a wedding gift many times over the years and I always feel good about it. I always inscribe it as follows: I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS COOKBOOK AS MUCH AS I HAVE !!

My Sister gave me a copy of this when I first got married. My mother handed down all her families recipes through a big huge binder. But the Joy of Cooking my sister told me goes through everything that you will ever encounter. I learned how to braise meat and make pies, bread this has become a staple in my house. I love this cookbook. I have sons and of course one wants to become a chef and the other could really careless about cooking(until he becomes hungry that is) and I invested in a Joy of Cooking for the both of them. It is nice to see them learning how to cook and use this book to create new favorites for themselves. It is a great and very knowledgeable cookbook for beginners to old pros. Love it Love it!

This is a must have staple of every kitchen for the beginner to the seasoned pro. If you have never cooked before, "The Joy of Cooking" will lead you through the process from making a simple gravy to cooking wild game. The seasoned pro will defiantly find plenty of use from this book as it cover as it covers such a wide range of foods. I have had a copy of this book in my kitchen since living in my first apartment almost 40 years ago. It is a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

I love the recipes from this book. I've used recipes from here for the last 5-6 years and they are wonderful. I haven't found a recipe I haven't liked yet.Great for yourself or to give as a gift.When in need of a good recipe this is the book you'll turn to every time. From beginners to advanced cooks this book is for you. It is one of the best cookbooks around. Handed down from generation to generation. A+ Cook Book

This is the one cookbook that everyone should have in their library. This is my go to book. Whether I am looking for something a little extra special or just a good weeknight meal this is the book where you will find it all. I love this book and could not imagine my kitchen without it. You will definately use this book unlike many others that we tend to buy and then leave collect dust on our shelves. I give it as a gift for wedding showers and housewarmings.

This was one of the very first cookbooks that my mother introduced me to. It is very easy to use from the beginner cook to the advanced chef. I share quality time cooking with my daughter with this cookbook. I make several meals from this cookbook for church dinners to home parties with friends. I highly recommend the Joy of Cooking as a gift to give to someone or as a treat for yourself.