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  • divasundae By  divasundae    

    This juice is good every once in while, but this flavor can taste like sweetened tomato juice sometimes.

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  • Katiek By  Katiek    

    Good juice, not top of the line but its a fair price and better for you than drinking pop

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  • jtasgurl81 By  jtasgurl81    

    This drink is about the most awful thing anyone can drink that's offered on shelves. Not real fruit and vegetables. Too many bad things on the nutrition list. Too long of an ingredients list. My motto, if I can't pronounce it, I shouldn't eat it.

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  • MissB22 By  MissB22    

    I like it because its cheaper than the fusion but it has less fruits and vegetables and more sugar I believe. You can get the light kind that is made with Splenda but it tastes much more watery than the latter. This is alright and Ill buy it when its on sale but it isn't the best juice out there.

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  • atthomas By  atthomas    

    My kids love this juice.I love the fact that it is very good for them

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  • Fairviewpark25 By  Fairviewpark25    

    Me and my family love this juice. And I love the fact that it is all-around excellent for you. It would be great if they could make some juice boxes in this flavor.

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  • bessiejenki By  bessiejenki    

    my three year old loves these they are handy and portable and easy for us to take with us everywhere and a great alternative to regular juice and sports drinks

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  • 5amigos By  5amigos    

    This is the first juice my husband will drink really good! He drinks it every day! Of all the V8 Splash flavors my family loves the Berry Blend the most!

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