V8 Splash Berry Blend

V8 Splash Berry Blend

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Another one of my favorite juices love this stuff and try to drink it weekly.

I like it

Yummy, inexpensive, a little high on the sugar but all over a great product

I love the fact that you get your fruits and vegetables as well.I love the fruity taste to these drinks. They are such a good drink for the summer as well.

Yum! I love the V8 splash drinks, as well as the V8 Fusion drinks. My 4-year-old daughter loves them, too. My local Fry's always has these on sale, so we buy quite a bit. We always go back for more. :)

This is the best juice - we buy it all the time and it never lasts more than a couple days.

My kids love this juice.I love the fact that it is very good for them

my three year old loves these they are handy and portable and easy for us to take with us everywhere and a great alternative to regular juice and sports drinks