Pampered Chef Mini Spatula

Pampered Chef Mini Spatula

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Love this spatula. It was one of the first items I ever purchased from pampered chef. I loved it so much I purchased 3 more, they are an essential in my kitchen

Love this!! Great for all sorts of things. Plus great size for my son to use when helping me in the kitchen

pampered chef is a good brand

I think everyone needs one of these in their kitchen. I use this spatula for everything. I think everytime I'm cooking or baking I'm using it. It's probably my favorite kitchen has so many possible uses.

I love this thing! I think this is one of the first products I ever got from Pampered Chef which has been many years ago now. It is still going strong and is so versatile. It fits in tight spots and does a great job of transferring cookies to cooling racks or scooping out pieces of quiche or pie.

First of all- it's super cute, and easy to travel with when going on vacation or taking a dish to a party. it's also nice for when teaching younger ones to cook, not as long and awkward as a normal sized spatula for their tiny hands. I have several of these, so that while ones in the dishwasher, i always have a back up when i need it.

I LOVE my mini spatuala! It gets brownies out like no other. Wouldn't trade it.

Love this little guy when making cookies. Can get them off the pan in even th tightest places. Makes it easy for the kids to use as well.

I love all Pampered Chef products! This spatula is very handy!

I use my Pampered Chef mini-spatula almost every day. It's probably my favorite thing in the kitchen. I know, I know, it's a spatula. But I love it! Note: the new design has an improved handle so if you have an old one (I did) it's time to upgrade :)

I love this spatula! You would wonder what makes it so special- but it really is. It is the perfect size for just about anything from apps to dinner to dessert. I have purchased 3, and use them consistently! I don't think my kitchen could go without it.

I LOVE my mini spatula! It is so handy for so many different items, whether bars, brownies, dishing out casseroles, or chicken. I love the smallness of it as I am able to get into the hard to get out 1st pieces with ease.

I got mine as a Hostess Gift over 10 years ago from Pampered Chef. With all the moves, I've made sure that I had that in my kitchen. It's great to get into tight places in the skillet, and very sturdy to wield. The beveled edge wasn't so sharp that I'd cut myself, but cutting into brownies and lifting cookies off my baking stone, this was perfect for. I think I need to have another party, so that I can order a few more things, and replace that awesome spatula.

This is one of my favorite items purchased at a home party. It's perfect to use for brownies, bars and cakes to serve "reasonable" portions to your guests or to bring to a potluck or food day.

This is one of my favorites too. It's the perfect size for so many things. I keep it handy since I use it so much.