Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponges

Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponges

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I own a dishwasher....but I never use it....I use these sponges to wash the takes a long time for the dishwasher.....its quicker to wash them by hand....

I will pick these sponges any day to wash my dishes. Although I own a dishwasher, I still prefer to wash dishes by hand & these sponges are great & getting the job done.

I have tried other brands, less expensive, but I have always come back to these. You always get the value you paid for.

These are my go-to dish washing sponges.

Use these sponges EVERY day. They last a long time, are gentle on the hands, and the scrubber stays in place rather than wearing off. Excellent all the way.

Love these sponges, they are nice and soft on one side and rough on the other which is needed for the occasional scrubbing. They are a very reasonable cost and are sold everywhere so you can always find them when you need them.

works very well and their durable

I use these often, I think they work great.

Great at getting the difficult things out. Simple yet effective. Worth the price. Great value.

I use these regularly and like them a lot. Only complaint is that if I buy them individually it is cheaper than buying a Multics pack of the same amount/same size.

Scotch Brite are great sponges that don't do damage. They tackle grease and scum on the toughest jobs. These sponges wont damage hard surfaces, such as the bathtub or stove top.

love these little fellas !! they are the best of both worlds ! one side scrubs for hard , stuck on messes and one sponged side for spills .

What I like about these is that the scrubbing side works well and they last a good time

These are the only sponges I buy. I love them

Scotch Brite is an excellent product that everyone will definitely like it.It is easy to use,good to use even for nonstick pans.I would recommend this product to everyone.