HBO Game of Thrones

HBO Game of Thrones

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Supper rated R but interesting none the less. I really like the show.

Game of Thrones is a Golden Globe winning, premium cable series that is based on the richly developed novels of George RR Martin. The series is broadcast on the American HBO channel. The overall plot centers around the adventures and misadventures of seven noble families who battle for two things: survival and supremacy. The setting is a mythical land, called Mythonos that is situated on a mythical planet. It is a violent civilization that sits vulnerable to invasion by a mysterious force of beings who are said to flow in from the Northlands when winter sets in. The beauty of this show is in the ever changing landscape of people who lose, gain and try to maintain power. And there is always the impending threat of winter. No one is guaranteed survival, freedom, position or title. Expect the unexpected and do not always look for justice to rule the day. As a warning, the violence and unsettled nature of things can be extremely graphic. This show might not be suitable for sensitive or very young people. With a huge cast, multiple mysteries, and past or present wrongs that must be righted, there is plenty for the romantic as well as the adventure lover. A viewer can hate one part of the show but long to find out what happens in another part. I highly recommend watching Game of thrones in combination with reading the book. This makes a great activity set for adults and appropriate age group children to engage in together.

GREAT show if you love the fantasy genre!

I love the books and I love the series. Great story!

This is the best show ever created!!! It is a dream come true for and sci-fi and fantasy lovers. I highly recommend this show anyone...unless you have a week stomach and can't handle gore, violence or incest. WATCH IT!!!

The daunting task of bringing this saga to the screen, in a way that's meaningful for readers and non-readers of the series, has been admirably accomplished, thus far. Yes, there are several changes to what's in the books, and yes, there are additional scenes added for exposition (sexposition?) purposes, for non-readers, but overall, the show has been amazing, thus far. Great cast, especially the 'child' actors, beautiful locations, both real AND CGI'd--lots of sex, violence, and drama. Just keep remembering--the series is an adaptation of the books--it's not the books reincarnate :)

Game Of Thrones is the best show I have seen in a long time. Plenty of drama, sex, I love the dragons and story lines!

I love this show so creative and original. It is something you will not get bored through. A ton of action in all sense of the term but that is what you get with HBO. All over a good show.

It's a good show, but my fiance read the books and said that it doesn't really follow the books as well as it should. Also, I think that a lot of shows throw in excessive adult content and tend to lose the story line because of it.

so love this show mother of dragons you rock

My other guilty pleasure, I love how because it is on HBO there is no need to play a "monster of the week" set up!

I'm so excited for Season 2. The first season had me anxious since I had read all the books beforehand and NEEDED this series to be absolutely perfect., it's not perfect, but most of the characters look exactly how I pictured them, and a lot of the scenes I thought would be hard to pull off on camera actually turned out really well.

I am looking forward to the new season .It has deep story lines that relly draw you in.

Good new Sunday night series from HBO. It can be a little bit hard to keep track of the characters, but it's pretty epic in scope and does a good job of drawing you in to the story.