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  • lollipops12748 By  lollipops12748    

    I like soaps that leave my skin feeling really soft and clean. This is not one. It leaves my skin super dry and super tight. Every time I use it I feel like I have to take another shower.

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  • pocketchange By  pocketchange    

    Ive been using Ivory for many years, can clean all parts of the body and never have any reactions to it. Only thing I would improve is a bit of a moisturizer to it

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  • michaelagates79 By  michaelagates79    

    I used for my babies as its moisturizing and gentle on their skin.

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  • L_camille By  L_camille    

    I use the liquid version with aloe not this one. Altough ive treid it because it was cheaper. Regrettfully it sucked lol. It was rough and dragging. And it didnt smell anything like the liquid one. wouldnt buy again

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  • mitsysammy By  mitsysammy    

    This soap brings back childhood memories! I love "the soap that floats" I will buy this product and use myself and use with my kids. I feel like it's milder than others on the market. And I love the clean scent.

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  • helenallredlpc By  helenallredlpc    

    I must detract from all of the wonderful reviews. Ivory is a good cleansing soap. It is, however, one of the most drying soaps on the market. So, be prepared to lotion up after every use to make up for it. There are plenty of gentle and hydrating soaps on the market today.

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  • mindykay76 By  mindykay76    

    this soap is perfect for my household... free of allergens and gentle to skin

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  • Hullwatson By  Hullwatson    

    This soap has always been a great soap that has never needed to be changed or discontinued.. It has so many different uses too.. I never go without this soap in any of my houses...

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  • CountryJ By  CountryJ    

    We always had this soap in my house growing up. My parents both had allergies that kept us from being able to use scented soaps. I still buy this 30 years later.

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  • Ricca81 By  Ricca81    

    Ivory gives a great clean feeling but also leaves your skin dry

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  • rachelsdelight By  rachelsdelight    

    With many allergies, this is the only soap I use. I love it. My entire family of 7 uses this soap.

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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    I grew up with this soap, when I think of soap this is what I see. I usually buy it, unless something else is on sale.

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