ThermaCare HeatWraps

ThermaCare HeatWraps

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Great product! I used them when i was pregnant on my back and it made a huge difference! I love it!

Yes. Don't even bother with generic brands. Trust me. They hold the heat a long time. But they can be hot in the summer, so it's better to just sleep in them during warmer months. Too bulky and hot to use during the daytime, unless you are in air conditioning. But they work!

I use these for menstrual cramps. It gives a nice soothing feeling and it doesn't get too hot. Its comfortable as well; it's not bothersome. When that time of the month is on its way, I always stock up on this product :) It was actually recommended to me and I loved it.

My mother used this product last year when she had severe back pains and they worked great! These were the only heat wraps that did anything for my mom's back. It stayed warm and worked for a long while. I would definitely recommend this product.

I am actually really impressed with this product. It stayed warm for a long time and provided relief for my back. I am 33 and my back was fractured when I was hit by a car while running. I am pretty picky about what I use for relief. this is something i like to treat myself to but do not keep a stock on hand because they are a little expensive.

I've used these for lower back pain and was very pleased. Unlike messy creams it can be placed most anywhere for some heat. BUT I made the mistake of not removing it when I got up one morning thinking when I get ready for my shower. OUCH! It did not want to come off and it was painful until I did get into the shower to remove it with cool water.

I would recommend that others give these a try as the price is right and the brand is good but they didn't really do the trick for me. Maybe I need more heat or I move around too much because they neither seemed to be warm enough or stay in place. A microwavable heat pack has been more effective in my case but these may work for minor aches and pains or low heat tolerance.

I love how convenient these are. I use them when I'm pregnant on my back to keep it loose. I have also worn these, on my neck, while on roadtrips. I think they're very comfortable, last a long time and were reasonably priced.

These are by far the best thing I have used for back or neck pain. No stinky gooey mess, just pull it out of the packet and apply to the area where you need relief. They heat up comfortably and relieve pain for several hours. I like that they heat up, as I do not care for the "icy" effect of some other products like this.

I loved it but I think I'm allergic to something in it. It got to a burning painful hot-had to take it off.

These are perfect for cramps, muscle soreness and keeping warm. Sometimes at work it would be so cold that I would keep my body tense all day. By the time I would get home, I couldn't relax my muscles. By using these not only would it help the pain but help prevent my body from tensing up. Same for cramps, it allows you to get through the day or sleep through the night!

OMG I love this products when I have really bad cramps. It soothing and helps with the pain. Have you ever had really bad PMs cramps before? I recommend this wrap on your tummy along with taking midol. It has helped me and my sisters. I guaranteed it'll help you too..

This product is a tad heavy and the velcro needs more velcro in size to stay in place but other then that It heats up quickly and stays stuck unless you're sweating excessively. All-in-all a great product- and anyone with neck pain knows how good heat feels and now you can stay heated while you're up and about!

this product worked great on my RA hands. i do recommend it but you mite want to check with your dr. before trying the product if you have any health issues.

A friend gave me these at work to try for my back and when I got home I put one on and it wasnt long that my back felt so warm and my pain was starting to ease off. I carry one around with me in my purse just in case..