RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

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i love this it really works!!

I love this product and I have seen such a difference in my skin. I will contuinue to use this.

I did not notice a huge improvement in my skin with this product, though I don't have many fine lines. However, I did also try it on my decolletage area as I have some sun damage and lines there. I did not notice a difference there either. The product was very moisturizing and left my skin softer. I have oily skin and I would prefer a product that would help combat that as I noticed that my skin was oiler after starting to use the Roc product.

this is the most non greediness formula I have tried. i have sensitive skin. Fragrance causes my skin to bra and sing.

I love what this has done for my skin. As someone who is very much aware of her own vanity and with 40 looming? Let's just say I've not only enjoyed the results, but I've added it to my cosmetics bag for daily use. It's done amazing things for skin and I tell everyone I can about it. Thank you!

This works OK. I like the fragrance that it has. I goes on smoothly. I don't really see much of a change in my fine lines and wrinkles. I think it is a good product to use to help maintain your fine lines and wrinkles.

This is by far the best anti-aging product I have ever used! I am so impressed because my skin is in the best condition plus my wrinkles have practically disappeared. My skin is smooth as a baby's bottom, plus there is absolutely no irritation like with glycolic acid products, for example. I have recently bought the retinol eye cream and it works really well, too! Thank you so much, She Speaks, for opening my eyes to RoC which is by far, the best skincare in the world!!

I have been using ROC for about a month now. I have very sensetive skin and found this product to be very gentle. I have noticed subtle results and fading of deep wrinkles I have on my forehead. I love this product ans highly recommend it. ROC is very affordable ans quite effective.

I have used tons of products for the face and this one is really fantastic. It softens the skin when applied and gives us a beautiful tone and texture. It smells very nice as well. It is really an exceptional product considering it is not a prescription product. I love it!!

Ok, so I have tried sharing my pictures at all of the specific times without any luck, so I will just tell you how much I LOVE this product. I have sensitive skin, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did not have a reaction to it! Yea! Overall, I have seen an improvement, as have my family members. My husband started using another product,he was seeing a difference, but had a reaction, so he stopped. I'm going to suggest he try the sensitive skin formula. Since we were "in this together" it was easy to ask him if he noticed a difference in me & he said he did. My mother just commented that she thought I looked more rested. The ONLY area that I wish I saw more improvement is around my lips, but I will keep trying. Now, if they would just come up with something to help with the allergy related bags under my eyes!

Unfortunately, this product really irritated my skin. I know that Roc products are supposed to be great so I was very enthusiatic about trying this cream. After 3 nights, I woke up to a very red face that was flaky & peeling. I stopped using it for a week & tried again with the same results. I am giving it 2 stars because it was pleasant & easy to apply. I can not recommend it for sensitive skin.

I love it. I noticed an improved tone within a week and overall better looking skin after a few weeks. I have actually stopped using the multiple cream routine I used to live by and find this one cream takes care of it all for me. Ahuge plus- the price is downright reasonable, compared to so many products that don't work very well anyway.

I am happy with RoC. I do not really have a lot of wrinkle,s just some very fine lines on my forehead. But I gave the second tube to my mom since she had developed deep lines on her forehead within the last two years. I suspect that happened mostly due to worries because she was the sole caretaker of my dad during his last two year when he was battling cancer. She was exhausted and had lost a lot of weight when she cam to visit earlier this year. She herself was concerned about the wrinkles and so I shared one tube with her. She was reluctant at first since she never uses cream and never had wrinkles before. But even 2 months later, she is still commenting almost every phone call we had how well the cream works and she emailed me a photo of herself and I was happy to see that the deep lines have almost disappeared. Roc really works. Even for myself, I noticed a difference within a week and I keep using RoC at least three times a week on my forehead to ensure that my wrinkles stay as fine lines and do not turn into real wrinkles.

I have been using Roc for several weeks now and I love it. My skin has never looked better!

I liked the effects of this! Summer was a hard time to try it because even if it is for night, there were many days when my skin was a little dry from being out in the sun etc and it really stung when I put it on. I couldn't use it every day and I think that's why I didn't see that much of an effect, but I definitely saw some and think if I am able to use it as directed (every night) I would definitely see a difference!