Hormel Compleats Kids Spaghetti & Meatballs

Hormel Compleats Kids Spaghetti & Meatballs

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My 5 year old loved this one. She ate it all and it was nice it didn't need to cook long:)

This was my daughters favorite meal out of the four.

This was a hit with my kids. They asked me to buy more!

This is the best one of all four tried. If I ever need a quick easy meal for the kids this would be one I would purchase again. Great taste!

Great flavor here. Lots of tomato taste...a little bit on the sweet side. Quick to make and loved by the kids. As a mom, I appreciate the nutritional side...

This one is my kiddos Fav. they can eat this every day for every meal if i let them. :) lol.

Loved it. Wants to eat them every day if he could!

My girls loved this one! Ate it all up!

My 12 year old so absolutely loved this! It was ready to eat in just a minute. Even though it was just a snack for him, I would definitely buy more!

This one is my daughter's favorite by far! She loved the flavor which is important. And I love that they are healthy. She is also excited by the fact that she can heat and eat "on her own", if she wants to!

My 3 year old so loved this meal. Not only was he excited when the box came in the mail but he was excited to get to choose his lunch. I love that they are healhy and easy to make. And fast when I dont have the extra time to make a homemade meal. Thank you for choosing us. It was a treat!!

Good and quick meal! It was a filling meal for my little ones, but my 12-year-old had to eat 2 to fill up! Would buy them again!

My son loved it

Such an easy and quick way to give my kids the meal that they ask for every single night!