Philadelphia  Cream for Cooking

Philadelphia Cream for Cooking

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I wanted to try something different and picked up some PCC and when I made a noodle dish I put some in it and it made the flavor of the dish burst with flavor. I will buy these in the future.

This product is delicious. I used the garlic and herb flavor in chicken and rice and it turned out great !

I really like these! I usually use the recipes on the container for a starting point and then change just a few things. Most recently I purchased the garlic cream. I added in grilled boneless skinless chicken breast, shells, and brocolli stir fry vegetables. YUM!

If you really want to impress your friends, add a little of this to the ready made mashed potatoes. I cannot wait to try these in other dishes to "jazz up"....

I used the Italian Cheese and Herb flavor the other night and was pleasantly surprised. I like to make my own sauces, so, when I saw the recipe for totellini italiano I knew that I wanted to try it! I made the recipe as is and loved it. My biggest concern was that it would have been too salty as most pre-packaged products are that I try. I already have recipe ideas swirling in my head to try with just this flavor alone. This weekend I am trying out the Santa Fe flavor and can't wait! My sister in law, who does not enjoy cooking at all, was really happy when I told her how easy this was and that it took only as long as pretty much boiling the water for the tortellini - quick! easy! tasty!

Philadelphia came out the the best and easiest way to prepare a meal with the new Philly cooking creams, I tried the garlic flavored cream with a chicken dish I prepared and egg noodles and it was a great success, everyone loved it and how easy and quick it was to prepare the flavor was delicious, I hope Philadelphia will come out with more flavors to try, I have used Philadelphia products for years in cooking as well as baking, it will always be my top favorite.

Love It! I tried it and now we have it almost once a week.. wonderful I highly recommend it.

Italian Cheese and Herb flavor was used on top of our baked potatoes instead of sour cream and cheese! We absolutely love it better this way! We can't try the other flavors and recipes.

I wanted something different for dinner, so I picked this up. I cooked chicken in a frying pan, then sliced it up. I then sauted vegetables in the same pan. I added the Italian cheese and herb flavor to the vegetables, then some cooked pasta and the chicken. My whole family loved it. I will definately try all the flavors. I have told my family and friends about it too!

great add to my weekly dinner options

Love this product before you could cook with it, now it's even greater than before

Love this stuff. It simplifies cooking and on days were everything is cram packed this comes in handy. I love the variety of flavors and the little recipes that come on top. Great for ideas. My husband was suspicious of it at first but after he tried it he completely enjoyed it. I'll definitely be saying stocked on these!

My store just got this in. Been waiting & waiting and it is FANTASTIC. I used the Italian & herb and followed the recipe. My s/o is a very picky eater and doesn't like to try any thing new. I was surprised to see that he finished it and went back for more! I will be trying all the flavorsand making my own combination of ingredients.

Love this product. Being 100% Italian I was a little leary about trying the Italian Cheese and Heb flavor, but I received a coupon in the mail so I did. I followed the recipe on the package for th Chicken Primavera with Pasta but I substituted Rigattoni for the fettuccine. I also also added in a bag of frozen mixed veggies to the skillet. It not only was easy to make but it was delicious. I just purchased another container of the Italian Cheese & Herb to use over this weekend. Definately recommend this.

I love this stuff there are so many different types of meals that you can create using these Philadelphia cooking creams. I made a wonderful pasta with the Italian cheese & herb flavored cream,chicken, italian diced tomatoes, diced red peppers.Yummy! These are so easy that even after a long day at work I can create a wonderful interesting dinner.