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  • becky1971 By  becky1971    

    Love these. Everything is better with cheese.

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  • DeejaVuu By  DeejaVuu    

    Four cheese! Sounds soooo amazing

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  • jenroy By  jenroy    

    The perfect addition to my lasagna. ...

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  • babydoll25 By  babydoll25    

    My whole family loves these! Great for bbq or a weekday meal

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  • Rameyw By  Rameyw    

    I love love love these but my picky eater husband won't eat any sausage or hot dog with cheese IN them but boy oh boy does he pile it on top!!

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  • cpnllworth By  cpnllworth    

    I love cheese in my sausage!

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  • cowboyswife By  cowboyswife    

    These are good for our bbq days, we usually get these when we our having family over.

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  • Samanthaprater12 By  Samanthaprater12    

    Could have been the recipe that I used them in, but I wasn't a fan

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  • SapphireStar By  SapphireStar    

    I just love Johnsonville products.

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  • lostinelk By  lostinelk    

    These are great we make all sorts of foods using these as a main ingredient. From sausage and cabbage to spaghetti. They are also great alone.

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  • DajaireaThemMuse By  DajaireaThemMuse    

    AWESOME! You can grill with this and you can use this sausage for Breakfast if you want. Delicious.

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  • WyattsMom112 By  WyattsMom112    

    I am not a huge fan of sausage, but these are pretty good. My husband loves them, he grills it and puts it into pasta dishes or eats it in a bun "hot dog style".

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  • bigdraws71 By  bigdraws71    

    I just got this product awesome awesome

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  • creative By  creative    

    My step son loves this flavored sausage , it one of his favorite.

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  • Chelseaecardwell By  Chelseaecardwell    

    I cook with this flavor of their line all of the time! I love the four cheese and you can grill, pan cook, or even cook it in the oven! It's very versatile for many different recipes. You can put 'em in a bun or slice them up and throw them in a recipe! I love to pan fry these in olive oil. I can always find these at a good price and usually can find a good coupon as well!

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