Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

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Quick Meal I love the Italian sausages. I like to cut it in slices and add onions and peppers and stir fry it...I usually serve it with mashed potatoes and broccoli. My family love it, its a quick meal, affordable and delicious every single time.

Yum!this italian sausages are really good. Our spaghetti sauce won't be complete without this stuff it adds more flavor to the food. Never fails!

So yummy on a hoagie with grilled peppers and onion and a dab of spicy mustard!:) also delicious in a spicy penne a la vodka dish:)

Johnsonville have the Best Sausages!! We always throw a few of these on the grill whenever we BBQ. I also cut the casing and use the sausage in my spaghetti sauce. It's always a winner....this is a Brand I trust!

Spicy in a good way - so versatile - can use in tomato sauce, can put inside a hotdog or grinder roll. Can add onions, peppers and layer on top of pasta or rice.

so delightfully delicious., each bite is so yummy

I really love Johnsonville Italian Hot sausages. Love them hot!!! The Jalapeno and cheese are my favorate.

I love johnsonville. Beer brats are my fave, but i use the italian sausage in my chili and it is amazing.

We love Johnsonville sausages! They are a great way to make a quick and delicious dinner. They are fast to prepare and always yummy. They make a great addition to any barbecue.

These are the only sausages that my husband will eat! He loves them! Great taste and juicy! We get these every time we go to the store!

We love these italian sausages. One of our speedy meals is cooked brats, cut into chunks, served on angel hair pasta with olive oil, garlic and chopped tomatoes. We garnish ours with parmesan cheese and garden basil. Don't ruin the sausage by cutting until it has rested and the juices have matured. BE PATIENT

My family and I enjoy the flavor of these. We add them to spaghetti.

Delicious, and if you don't like spicy, it also comes in mild flavor. I use it in spaghetti, and also in sub sandwiches, or cut up with peppers and onions over noodles.

This is one of my faves although it could be a bit spicier but other than that I love because it still has that johnsonville quality.

Johnsonville sausages, hot italian included, are not only delicious on their own, but are so versatile in recipes! Chile, stews, soup, pasta..... the list is long. A trusted brand name in my household. Always consistent; always delicious.