SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Maker

SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Maker

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I love the Soda stream. I like the flavors and being able to make a soda whenever I need, but with the fraction of the calories. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes carbonated drinks. My kids really like the Kool-aid flavors, and I like it doesn't contain the sugar like regula soft drinks.

I never would have though how awesome this product is until I actually tried it. All the flavors have so much flavor and yummy fizz to them. They have less sugar than normal soda pop, and they taste amazing. The best part is you'll save money by using SodaStream instead of buying regular soda pop.

In four easy steps, you have a fresh bottle of fizz. Since visual display is usually easier to explain hte step my step, I did a short video for you to enjoy.

We love this machine, it is easy and portable. Fun for the kids and healthy (add your own natural flavors to the water)

I LOVE my SodaStream! I drink a lot of seltzer and its so nice to be able to have it at the drop of a hat. It is also very convenient for those times when I want a soda. Its much easier than lugging big bottles or six packs around.

Easy to use and durable. We had a Primo and it broke after a month. No complaints about this machine though. And the CO2 seems to last much longer.

love this product easy to use and saved us some money ...

I love this! It's so nice to be able to make your own soda. Plus it taste just like the soda you buy in the stores.

My husband bought me one this past Christmas. Totally awesome. My 9 year old asks for it all the time. And my autistic son loves it. So much better for you and tastes like the real thing

I have the genesis and like it so far. I wanted a little healthier and cost effective option and this was it. I got it for a great price and although its taken a few bottles to figure out how much carbonation we like, it still great. It does take a few tries to personalize your own carbonation levels but its fun trying to get there. Love the water options too! I also like the environmentally idea of recycling the CO2 bottles by exchanging the old one for a new one at bed bath and beyond customer service and getting half off the new on for doing so, how great!

I am crazy about my sodastream. It is endlessly amusing to children and adults alike and it makes very tasty sodas. Diet pink grapefruit is my favorite mix. If I have any suggestions, it's that they make adjustments so that you can carbonate beverages other than water (the soda syrup has to be added after the water has been carbonated). Homemade sparkling cider would be fantastic. Aside from that though, it's been a great purchase.

we bought the sodastream last week, we are big soda drinkers and thought it would be worthwhile. we love it, it is so easy to use and takes only seconds to make a drink, the is no aspartame in the diet drinks like soda in the store. this purchase was the smartest thing we have bought in a long time, i highly suggest everyone have one.

I ADORE my Sodastream carbonator. I have had it for ten years now, before they sold it in stores, and although replacing the carbonator is now DOUBLE the cost, it's worth it. You can make the seltzer EXACTLY as fizzy as you like, and you will know, if you use purified water, exactly how healthy the water is.

I got one last Christmas and we use it everyday. We no longer have to buy soda from the store and lug it home. Now we make it ourselves. There are so many advantages to this little machine. You can buy the mixes or just use your own juice to flavor the drinks. Love this machine!

my daughter has this machine. First time I had it was at her home. I don't usually drink grapefruit soda, but it was great. The nice thing is - you don't have big bottles of soda all over the place.