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  • Kimberlybutmom By  Kimberlybutmom    

    One of my daughter's favorite toys. Amazing selection of names, we were surprised my daughter's name was found and were so happy when we heard it pronounced correctly. Definitely a must for any little one in your life.

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  • kaleighandrews By  kaleighandrews    

    I bought this for my son for this upcoming christmas. Obviously, he hasn't received it from Santa yet, but I have a feel he will love it at least half as much as I do! I am so excited for him to play with this educational toy!

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  • leslieann21 By  leslieann21    

    My son got this from his uncle and he absolutely loves this dog he named him champ but that's fine he learned his name with this dog and he cant sleep without him he loves him dearly.

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  • TheCherryMama By  TheCherryMama    

    We have 2 of these! SOOOOOO cute. My little boy loves it the most. He is a snuggly kid. He love to give it hugs. He got his for his first birthday. The personalzation is just adorable. We have a lot of Scout products now.

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  • Bbinette26 By  Bbinette26    

    My son loved this and I got this for my son cause someone told me all about it and how there son loved it . It's a great pup

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  • kristo By  kristo    

    This is the best teddy known to man. You plug it in to the computer, type in your kids name and answer some questions, and viola the teddy talks to your kid calling her by name and even sings her songs and lulls her to sleep. I would recommend this to anyone with a kid.

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  • debbieram23 By  debbieram23    

    I purchased this for my niece on her 1st birthday. She loves it. Perfect size for her little hands. It keeps her entertained for hours, only problem is cleaning it.

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  • krisathome By  krisathome    

    My grandson has this. I love how you can customize it but wish there were more options when doing this. It is easy for a 1 1/2 year old to play and press buttons.

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  • ModelJenn By  ModelJenn    

    My son had this when he was little. He loved it. I like that you can connect it to the computer and it will sing songs with your kid's name in it. I also like that he played some lullabies as well and you could set a timer on it.

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  • Go2Mommy By  Go2Mommy    

    My baby actually has My Pal Violet and she loves it. I bought one for my niece a few years ago and couldn't wait to purchase one for my own child once she was born. In fact, she even has the little Tag Jr reader from Leap Frog. Leap Frog products altogether are great. She even watches some of the cartoons on Netflix.

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  • megmeg77 By  megmeg77    

    My eight month old loves this bear. She received the purple one. She likes the music and the lights, and the best is when it says her name!!

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  • mags3_luvs By  mags3_luvs    

    My son brings scout everywhere. Loves it

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  • Zander34 By  Zander34    

    Can't say enough good things about Scout! The toy was recommended by a friend and it was one of the best things I purchased for my grandson. Scout goes with him in the car and it keeps him entertained with songs. He really likes when Scout uses his name Wish I could figure out a good way to clean it

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  • Silvemomof3 By  Silvemomof3    

    My toddler loves playing with it! I love how light weight it is and how it keeps my toddler entertained for hours!

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  • mrspayne86 By  mrspayne86    

    my son love sprout. and so do I. I think its so cool how it can say your kids name. he loves the songs on there. he dances to it all the time.

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